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Thanks to the recently released Update 1.4 of Genshin Impact there is a special seasonal event running called the Windblume Festival. This Windblume Festival is a chance for citizens of Mondstadt to take part in a celebration. Thankfully you can also take part in the festivities to earn rewards and other bonuses. To learn more about this event see our Windblume Festival guide below.

How to Start the Windblume Festival

To take part in the festival players must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and have completed the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”. If you meet these requirements you will receive an invitation when you login to the game. The event invitation is on the Events Overview screen (shown above). Access the event screen and select Confirm > Go To Quest to get started then make your way to Mondstadt. In Mondstadt enter the quest circle to begin the festival quest called Ode to Flower and Cloud. Complete this quest’s various objectives to start the festival activities.

Listen to and Solve the Trouble of the Citizenry

Image showing the Listen to and Solve the Trouble of the Citizenry objective in Genshin Impact.

During this quest you need to help Venti by completing an objective to Listen to and Solve the Trouble of the Citizenry. Each time you speak to one of the troubled citizens you need to answer them correctly. The answers are:

  • Marvin – “I think you should tell him. Be brave and seize the opportunity.”
  • Albert – “Are you serious? You need to put a stop to all this immediately!”
  • Ellin – “I disagree, you should definitely sign your name.”

Once you’ve correctly responded to the three citizens head back and speak to Venti. Venti will thank you for your efforts and then Kaeya will appear. After this interaction you will be able to start the different activities in the festival.

Complete Windblume Festival Activities to Earn Tickets

While the Windblume Festival is running you can complete a number of different activities and quests to earn various rewards. These activities and quests are available ion the Windblume Festival Event Overview screen under Festive Challenges and Festive Anecdotes. The activities you can take part in are as follows:

Festive Challenges

  • Bullseye Balloons: Shoot as many balloons in the time limit as possible to earn points.
  • Floral Free Fall: Use your glider to freefall and collect orbs for points on the way down.
  • Ballads of Breeze: Play songs to earn points.

Festive Anecdotes (Quests)

  • Ode to Flower and Cloud: Opening seasonal event quest.

Act II


Act IV

Completing the above mentioned activities and mini-games will reward you with a variety of rewards including Primogems and Windblume Festival Tickets. The special tickets are the primary currency in the Festival Event Shop.

Windblume Festival Event Shop

Image showing the Windblume Festival Event Shop in Genshin Impact.

The Windblume Festival store is accessed on the Events Overview page. When selected you are taken to the shop page. This page houses two categories of items for purchase: Tour Ticket Exchange and Collab Coupon Exchange. Take a look around both of these categories for items you may wish to purchase. I will point out two that you should buy including the Crown of Insight and the Windblume Ode bow.

That’s all you need to know about the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact. This event will run for the next month so be sure to login fairly regularly to get all rewards available to you. I will update this guide as new activities and quests are added.

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