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Windbrew is a side quest players can complete as part of the Windblume Festive Anecdotes in Genshin Impact. This side quest tasks players with brewing a special drink using a variety of different ingredients. To learn how to make Windbrew and complete this quest consult our Windbrew guide below.

How to Start the Windbrew Side Quest

The Windbrew side quest is available for players to complete while the Windblume Festival is running in Genshin Impact. This side mission can be found on the Events Overview > Invitation of Windblume > Festive Anecdotes screen. On this screen scroll down to the Act II section to find three side quests that include Windbrew. Push ‘Go to Quest’ to add it to your quest screen.

Talk to Margaret and Collect Ingredient

Once you have the Windbrew quest in your inventory you will get the first objective. This first objective is to meet up with Margaret and speak to her. Margaret can be found in Mondstadt next to the Cat’s Tail Tavern. Speak to Margaret and ask her “Something the matter?” Margaret will explain her predicament to you which is basically that she needs to make a non-alcoholic drink. Agree to help and offer to get on of the following ingredients:

  • Dandelions.
  • Windwheel Asters.

When you offer to pick one of the ingredients above you will need to go to a location and gather them. This makes collecting the required ingredients fairly simple to do. Once you have the ingredient return to Margaret and speak to her to receive the next quest step.

How to Make Windbrew

Image showing how to make the Windbrew beverage in Genshin Impact.

Now that we’ve gathered the necessary ingredients it is time to make the Windbrew drink. To do this you need to follow the recipe that Margaret gives you. The Windbrew steps are as follows:

  1. Place Sweet Flower in first.
  1. Pour milk in.
  1. Place Windwheel Aster in.
  1. Let mixture sit.
  1. Place Dandelion Seeds in.
  1. Place ice cubes in.

Once you know the recipe head over to the table next to Margaret. Here you will be able to mix the ingredients together to make the non-alcoholic beverage. Follow the steps above to make the Windbrew drink. Once you’ve made the drink take the Special Beverage and give it to Margaret. If you followed the recipe Margaret will enjoy the beverage and will give you the next step.

Find Taste Testers For Windbrew Beverage

Before Margaret will serve the drink she wants you to do a bit of taste testing. This taste testing is to be done bear the Anemo Archon statue in Mondstadt. Make your way to this statue and talk to Nimrod, then Aramis, then Nora, and then report back to Margaret.

Back at Margaret you will explain to her how the taste testing went. Margaret will thank you for your help and this side quest will end. For your efforts you receive Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora. Not bad at all. For more help with these festival side quests see our Windblume Festival guide.

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