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Windblume and Snowflakes is a special event missions players can complete while the WIndblume Festival is live in Genshin Imapct. This special side mission tasks players with helping Viktor who his having a small issue. To help Viktor, and complete the side mission, consult our Windblume and Snowflakes guide below.

How to Start Windblume and Snowflakes Mission

The Windblume and Snowflakes mission can be found in the Act IV missions of the Winblume Festive Anecdotes. This mission is available to players that have completed the main festival storyline up to this act. Once the prior missions have been completed you will gain access to this mission to help Viktor. Access the Festive Anecdotes screen and navigate to Act IV. Highlight the mission and pick Go to Quest to begin this mission.

Talk to Viktor and Lily

The first step in this quest is to talk to Viktor. Viktor can be found inside the Cathedral in Mondstadt. Approach Viktor when you are inside and speak with him and Lily to learn Lily needs someone to play with. After this initial interaction speak to Lily to head outside and play in the Mondstadt Market District.

Talk to Blanche

Leave the Cathedral and make your way to the Mondstadt Market District. Once at the quest marker you will trigger a new objective to speak to Blanche. Blanche runs the Mondstadt General Goods shop. Talk to Blanche to learn there are some puppies around you can feed using Fowl.

Get Fowl and Place into the Bowl

Image showing how Get Fowl and Place into the Bowl in Genshin Impact.

To complete this next step in the quest you need to acquire some Fowl. If you already have some all you need to do is place it into the bowl as shown in the picture above. If you don’t have any Fowl head outside of town and take down any bird you can find to get Fowl. Return and place it into the bowl. Once the Fowl is placed speak to Lily to play with the puppies for a bit then report back to Blanche.

Talk to Flora and then Go to Good Hunter

After speaking to Blanche for a second time head over to Flora’s near the main gate. Speak to Flora to look at the flowers. While looking at the flowers Flora will mention a few things. After this interaction head to Good Hunter and walk up to the quest marker to trigger an interaction with Lily in which she cooks Tea Break Pancakes.

To finish the quest take the Tea Break Pancakes and head back to the Cathedral. Inside the Cathedral speak to Viktor. Once this interaction is complete you will finish the mission. For completing the quest you receive XP, Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit.

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