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Realm of Fog and Wind is a special event side quest players can complete in Genshin Impact during the Windblume Festival. This special quest tasks players with complete a special alchemy recipe. Before this recipe can be completed you will need to do a few tasks including collecting 3 Starsilver. To help you complete this quest we’ve put together a short guide. Consult the Realm of Fog and Wind guide below for more details on this mission.

How to Start the Realm of Fog and Wind Side Quest

The Realm of Fog and Wind quest is available for players to complete while the Windblume Festival is running in Genshin Impact. This side mission can be found on the Events Overview > Invitation of Windblume > Festive Anecdotes screen. On this screen scroll down to the Act III section to find three side quests that include Realm of Fog and Wind. Push ‘Go to Quest’ to add it to your quest screen.

Go to the Alchemy Store

Once you start this side quest you will trigger the first quest step which is to visit the alchemy store in Mondstadt. Make your way to the map marker and approach Temaeus and Venti. When you approach this duo you will trigger an interaction. During this interaction you will meet another character named Sucrose. While the trio is speaking to each other you will learn about a special book of recipes. Sucrose will give you one of these recipes to deliver which triggers the next step.

Go to the Campsite at the Foot of Dragonspine

Sucrose asks you to take a special recipe to Albedo who is camped at the base of Dragonspine. Head to the marker on your map (fast travel point is right next to it) and speak to Albedo there who is next to some crates and a table. When you speak to this NPC you will trigger an interaction. During this interaction you present the recipe to Albedo. After reading this recipe Albedo asks you to collect 3x Starsilver Ore.

Where to Find Starsilver Ore

Image showing the Starsilver Ore map locations.

To complete the quest objective for Albedo you need to acquire Starsilver Ore. This special ore can be found in and around the Dragonspine mountain. The best way to find some veins is to use something like the Genshin Impact interactive map. This map shows you where to find the different resources in the game, including Starsilver Ore. The screenshot above was taken from that map resource.

Make your way to any of the ore locations shown above and mine the ore (hit it) so you gather 3x of them. Once you have 3x of the Starsilver Ore make your way back to Albedo and give him the ore. This will trigger another interaction. After the interaction is complete you will receive the Windblume.

Give the Windblume to Sucrose

Take the new item you receive from Albedo and head back to Sucrose in Mondstadt. Speak to Sucrose to give her the Windblume. After the interaction with Timaeus and Sucrose you will need to make your way to the Cathedral to see Barbara.

Go to the Cathedral and Talk to Barbara

Leave the Alchemy shop and head up to the Cathedral in Mondstadt. Enter the Cathedral and approach Barbara there to trigger an interaction. During this interaction you will learn that Bennett has gone missing and he is probably in the Thousand Winds Temple. Leave the Cathedral.

Go to the Thousand Winds Temple and Defeat Ruin Guard

Outside of the Cathedral make your way by foot or via fast travel to the Thousand Winds Temple to the east of Mondstadt. At this location there is a Ruin Guard. When you approach it you will get a new objective to defeat this enemy. Take out the Ruin Guard to get the next quest objective.

Look for Bennet then Free Him

After you take down the Ruin Guard you need to search the Thousand Winds Temple for Bennett. Bennett can be found in a locked cell on the north-side of the temple. Approach Bennett to trigger an interaction. During this interaction Bennett asks you to free him by finding the lock mechanism.

Where to find the Lock Mechanism

Image showing Where to find the Lock Mechanism to free Bennett.

Once you are done speaking to Bennett head to the wall to the left of the cell. Here you will find a tile you can interact with. Hit ‘Start’ when you are ready to to free both Bennett and Razor. This will trigger another interaction. The duo will share with you how they got trapped in the cell.

After hearing the tale the group decides to meet up at Angel’s Share in Mondstadt. Head to the tavern there and go inside. When you are inside you will trigger an interaction featuring a number of different characters. After the interaction comes to an end leave the tavern. When you are outside the mission will come to an end. For your efforts you receive Primogems, XP, Mora, and Hero’s Wits.

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