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In the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact there are a few mini-games players can complete to earn special rewards. These mini-games task you with using very specific game mechanics from the game. One of the mini-games players can take part in is called Bullseye Balloons. This range centered mini-game is a marksmanship contest where players pop balloons to earn points. To help you complete this mini-game see our Bullseye Balloon guide below.

Bullseye Balloon Rules

Image showing the Bullseye Balloon Rules in Genshin Impact.

The Bullseye Balloon mini-game is an archery contest that is part of the Windblume Festival. To complete this mini-game you will need to destroy balloons to earn points. There are different kind of balloons you can destroy and some you should avoid destroying. The rules for the mini-game are shown when you first interact with the sign at the mini-game location. These rules state the types of balloons in the game mode:

  • Bloom Balloon: Gives a certain amount of points when hit.
  • Bouqet Balloon: Give large amount of points when hit.
  • Celebration Balloon: Explodes when hit, destroying balloons in an AoE around it.
  • Heartbreak Balloon: Deducts a certain amount of points when hit.

Besides knowing the balloons you should also know that the event is timed. You will have only a few minutes each attempt to try and score as many points as possible. You should also know the point total you are aiming for. Inspect the reward tiers to learn what score you need to hit to get each one.

How to Win the Bullseye Balloon Mini-Game?

Winning at the Bullseye Balloon mini-game is fairly straightforward. There are a few things to keep in mind when you start, but you should have little issue completing this mini-game. Some tips are:

  • Have a ranged character in your party.
  • Keep your balloon popping combo alive to increase points earned from popping balloons.
  • Focus on hitting Bouqet Balloons when they appear.
  • No need to charge bow shots. Instead just use quick shots to hit the balloons.
  • Aim where the moving balloons are going, not where they currently are.
  • Balloons glow green when they are about to disappear.

Using the tips above should make netting the points for the different levels of rewards fairly easily. If you have any you feel should be added drop them in the comments below.

This ends our Bullseye Balloon guide. This seasonal event is very forgiving to complete and can be retried to your hearts content. If you follow the tips above you should have no problem scoring big and getting the rewards. Be sure to check back into the game every few days as they are adding different balloon locations to play.

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