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Adventurers in Windblume is a special Festive Anecdote that is part of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival. This seasonal side mission tasks players with helping out an adventurer named Iris. Iris wants you to snap a few pictures to help make recruiting material. To complete this request for Iris use our Adventurers in Windblume guide below.

How to Start Adventurers in Windblume

Image showing How to Start Adventurers in Windblume in Genshin Impact.

The Adventurers in Windblume quest is available for players to complete while the Windblume Festival is running in Genshin Impact. This side mission can be found on the Events Overview > Invitation of Windblume > Festive Anecdotes screen. On this screen scroll down to the Act III section to find three side quests that include Adventurers in Windblume. Push ‘Go to Quest’ to add it to your quest screen.

Speak to Iris

Once you have the quest active make your way to the quest marker to meet Iris in Galesong Hill. Approach Iris in the camp and speak to her. When you talk to her she will mention completing a commission for her. This commission requires you to take two pictures in different spots in Dragonspine. Agree to do this then head up the mountain.

Photo Spot 1

The first photo spot can be found along the path leading through the Dragonspine mountain. Here you will come across a frozen tree. Use the game’s screenshot mode to take a picture (as shown above). After the screenshot is exit and head to the next photo spot.

Photo Spot 2

The second photo spot is fairly easy to find. All you need to do is reach the Statue of the Seven and take a photo of it. As long as the screenshot grabs an image like the one above you will be fine. Be sure the objective is complete before moving on.

Return to Iris then Help Cyrus

Once you’ve snapped pictures at both spots make your way back to Iris in the camp. Speak to her to about the commission to learn the Cyrus is out researching some monsters. Iris wants you to go and speak to him in Mondstadt. Head there now and speak to Cyrus outside the Adventurer’s Guild. Cyrus will ask you to help recruit some people using the photos you took:

  • Six-Fingered Jose.
  • Helen.

Both of these characters can be found in the plaza area near the Cathedral. Once you speak to both of them head back to Cyrus to report on your recruitment efforts. After making this report head back to Iris to tell her about your efforts with Cyrus. Once you report back to Iris you will complete the quest and will receive your reward of Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and XP.

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