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The Dream of Wind and Flowers side quest in Genshin Impact is part of the game’s Windblume Festival’s Festive Anecdotes. This side mission can be played during Act IV and is one of the final quests you can complete. In this quest you will make an offering of a flower and help to repair a disorderly wind current. To help you complete this quest use our Dream of Wind and Flowers guide below.

How to Start the Dream of Wind and Flowers Side Quest

The Dream of Wind and Flowers side quest starts automatically when you first login. Details of the side quest can be found on the Festive Anecdotes screen in-game. This screen shows you the different acts running during the festival. Make your way to Act IV and you will see Dream of Wind and Flowers at the top. This side quest first tasks you with talking to Jean.

Talk to Jean and Make Flower Offering

Jean can be found in Mondstadt at the Anemo Statue near the Cathedral. Make your way to this location and talk to Jean first to trigger the first portion of the side quest. This first portion of the quest is fairly straightforward and revolves around making an offering of any of the following:

  • Dandelion.
  • Winwhell Aster.
  • Cecila.
  • Small Lamp Grass.
  • Sweet Flower.
  • Wolfhook.

What you choose to offer when you first speak to Jean is up to you. I recommend selecting something you already have on hand to make your life simpler. If you don’t have anything use the Genshin Impact interactive map to track down the flower you want to offer.

When you do have the offering approach the Anemo Archon and offer the flower. After the offering is made speak to Venti to trigger another interaction between Jean, Venti, and the Traveler. During this interaction we will learn that we need to head to Stormterror’s Lair next. Go there now (there is a fast travel point next to the quest waypoint).

How to Solve the Issue of the Disorderly Wind Currents in the Ruins

Image showing How to Solve the Issue of the Disorderly Wind Currents in the Ruins in Genshin Impact.

At the quest objective you will trigger a new objective to solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins. To do this make your way to the quest marker and defeat the Hilichurls there. Once the enemies are cleared out you can interact with the statues there using Anemo abilities. Before doing that, however, trigger the cube to learn what order to trigger the statues. Follow the order to correct the wind currents.

Once the currents are corrected head to Venti who is on the ruins of the Stormterror’s Lair. Speak to Venti to trigger an interaction. Answer however you like during this interaction. Once it comes to an end you will receive the rewards for completing this side quest. For your efforts you receive XP, Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit.

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