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Quiet please this is a library is a special event quest players can complete in Genshin Impact as part of the Windblume Festival. This quest tasks players with helping out Ella Musk in the library in Mondstadt. To help you complete this task we’ve put together a short Quiet Please This is a Library guide below.

Go to the Library and Find Ella Musk

The first step in this quest is to make your way to the library in Mondstadt. Once you are in the library head over to Ella Musk, who is next to bookshelf on the bottom floor, and speak to her. Ella is upset because the library has been louder than usual. Offer to help Ella deal with the noise problem to receive the next quest step.

Try and Convince the Lovebirds to be Quiet

To help Ella with her problem you need to go around the library and speak to three couples that are being noisy. These couples are located on the bottom floor around Ella. When you speak to the couples you need to tell them they are being too loud. Once you do this unsuccessfully for all three couples you will get the next quest step.

Talk to Wyratt

Since none of the couples listened to you, it’s time to up the ante. To make them listen leave the library and speak to Wyratt, the guard next to the door. Tell Wyratt “So, about the racket in the library…” Wyratt will ask you to carry Lisa’s message to the people in the library which you agree to do.

Carry Lisa’s Message

Make your way back into the library and go to the bottom floor. On the bottom floor you will trigger an interaction. During this interaction the couples clean up and leave. After the couples leave Ella comes over and speaks to you. This ends the quest. For your efforts you get 20x Primogems, 2x Hero’s Wit, and 20,000 Mora.

This is just one of many side quests available during the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact. The other side quests similar to this one all pay out decent rewards. Check out our guide linked above to learn more about them.

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