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Missive of Cloud and Fog is a side quest players can complete as part of the Windblume Festive Anecdotes in Genshin Impact. This side quest tasks players with helping Venti collect love poetry written by people of Mondstadt. Unfortunately the quest is not as straightforward as described. You will need to help various citizens with requests before you can get the love poetry. To complete this side mission use the Missive of Cloud and Fog guide below.

How to Start the Missive of Cloud and Fog Side Quest

The Missive of Cloud and Fog side quest is available for players to complete while the Windblume Festival is running in Genshin Impact. This side mission can be found on the Events Overview > Invitation of Windblume > Festive Anecdotes screen. On this screen scroll down to the Act II section to find three side quests that include Missive of Cloud and Fog. Push ‘Go to Quest’ to add it to your quest screen.

Go to the Knights of Favonius’ HQ

Once you have the Missive of Cloud and Fog quest in your inventory you will get the first objective. This first objective is to head to the Knights of Favonius’ headquarters in Mondstadt. Make your way to this location and walk towards the quest marker at the bottom of the entrance stairs to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will meet Athos. Athos tells you about Jean and Kaeya meeting to discuss the festival.

Accept the Job from Kaeya

After this interaction with Athos you will get a new objective. This objective is to accpet the job from Kaeya. To do this head inside the Knights of Favonius’ headquarters. Inside the HQ make your way to Jean’s office and speak to Kaeya there. During this interaction Kaeya will ask you to help a friend of his named Nimrod. Nimrod is located near the tavern. Head there now.

Find Nimrod at Tavern and Gather Materials to Help Him

Image showing Nimrod in Genshin Impact.

At the Tavern you will find Nimrod sitting at a table out front. Speak to Nimrod to trigger an interaction. During this interaction Nimrod tells you he’s a drunk and needs to buy a gift for his wife. To help him make a gift Nimrod needs some materials. The materials needed are:

Once you have the Small Lamp Grass head back to Nimrod and speak to him. You will give the material to him. Once this is done head back to Kaeya and speak to him to get his romantic poetry.

Go to the Mondstadt Cathedral and Speak to Barbara

After getting Kaeya’s poetry he will ask you for another favor. This favor is to check on a mysterious person near the cathedral. Leave the HQ and head to the Mondstadt Cathedral. When you near the entrance you will see both Lisa and Jean speaking to each other. This will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene go into the cathedral and approach Barbara.

Image showing the secret map on Barbara's letter in Genshin Impact.

When you approach Barbara you will trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene we learn that Barbara received a letter. This letter states that someone has stolen something precious to Barbara and have buried it. On the back of the letter there is a map showing a location in Mondstadt. The location it shows can be seen above.

After the cutscene is concluded leave the cathedral. Outside of the cathedral another cutscene will trigger. This cutscene introduces the new character Rosaria. Rosaria takes a look at the letter. She tells you it appears to be an area around Dawn Winery.

Find the Buried Barbara Item

Image showing where to find the buried Barbara Item in Genshin Impact.

With the many cutscenes out of the way it is time to find the items taken from Barbara. Head to the Dawn Winery and make your way to the search area near the Statue of the Seven. In this search area look for a trio of Treasure Hoarders next to an archway. Defeat the trio then dig up the pile. This triggers another cutscene.

The final cutscene ends the mission. For helping out Kaeya and Barbara you receive Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora for your efforts. For more help with these festival side quests see our Windblume Festival guide.

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