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Those Hard-to-Reach Places is a special event quest players can complete during the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact. This event quest tasks players with helping out a Knight of Favonius named Aramis. Aramis has to clean up some debris that is on the rooftops in Mondstadt. To complete this task see our Those Hard-to-Reach Places guide below.

Talk to Aramis

The first step of this quest is to speak to Aramis. Aramis is located in the plaza area of Mondstadt. Head to this NPCs locations and speak to him. Offer to help Aramis clear the debris on the rooftops to receive the next quest step.

Clear the Piles of Floral Debris off the Rooftops

Image showing how to clear the Piles of Debris off the rooftops in Genshin Impact.

Once you have spoken to Aramis you will get a new quest marker on your map. Make your way to this new marker in the south end of Mondstadt. When you reach this marker you will find three piles of debris on a rooftop. Use Anemo to blow the piles away. Repeat this process at each of the locations that that follow (two more).

Search for the Kitty

Image showing where to find the missing kitty in Genshin Impact.

Upon cleaning up the piles you will need to search for a missing kitty. This kitty can be found on the Mondstadt city wall next to a door near where you cleared the last few piles of debris. Walk up to the cat to trigger an interaction. Once this interaction is complete head back to Aramis.

Make your way back to Aramis and speak to him and Margaret. You will give the cat to Margaret and Aramis will thank you for your assistance. This will end the quest. For your efforts you receive 20x Primogems, 2x Hero’s Wit, and 20,000 Mora. This is just one of multiple Festive Anecdotes to complete during the Windblume Festival.

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