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Flavor of the Month is a side quest players can complete as part of the Windblume Festive Anecdotes in Genshin Impact. This side quest tasks players with collecting a variety of different ingredients to make a special dish. These special ingredients are located in Dragonspine. To complete this task use the Flavor of the Month guide below.

How to Start the Flavor of the Month Side Quest

The Flavor of the Month side quest is available for players to complete while the Windblume Festival is running in Genshin Impact. This side mission can be found on the Events Overview > Invitation of Windblume > Festive Anecdotes screen. On this screen scroll down to the Act II section to find three side quests that include Flavor of the Month. Push ‘Go to Quest’ to add it to your quest screen.

Talk to Brook and Collect Ingredient

Once you have the Flavor of the Month quest in your inventory you will get the first objective. This first objective is to meet up with Brook and speak to her. Brook can be found in Springvale next to the Cooking Fire. Speak to Brook and ask her “What’s the matter?” Brook will explain to that that she wants to create a special dish and requires ingredients from Dragonspine. Unfortunately an adventurer named Schuster was suppose to get them but hasn’t returned. Offer to help to get the next objective.

Find Schuster in Dragonspine and Warm Him Up

Image showing how to light the fire for Schuster in Genshin Impact.

Now that we’ve talked to Chef Brook it is time to make our way to Dragonspine. Head to the location marked on your map to enter a search are. In this area you need to find an adventurer named Schuster. Schuster is next to the old shack. Approach him and speak to him to learn he is very cold. To warm him up you need to get a fire started.

How to Light the Fire

Next to Schuster there is an extinguished fire. To warm him up we need to get this fire going again. This can be done easily by using a Pyro elemental character. Someone like Amber works well. Simply use a Pyro ability on the fire to get it going again.

Once you’ve lit the fire speak to Schuster. Ask if he is alright then ask him about Brook’s commission. Schuster will give you some Chilled Meat he was suppose to deliver to Brook. Take the meat and return to Springvale.

Deliver Chilled Meat to Brook

Take the Chilled Meat Schuster gives you and head back to Springvale. Give the meat to Brook to learn she needs some Dandelion Seeds and Slime Condensate to add to her recipe. Agree to give her both ingredients then either head out and collect them, or simply give her the ones you have on hand.

Delivering the Dandelion Seeds and Slime Condensate to Brook ends the mission. For helping out this chef you receive Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora for your efforts. For more help with these festival side quests see our Windblume Festival guide.

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