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In Ori and the Will of the Wisps, players take on the role of Ori who is navigating a dangerous world outside of the forests of Nibel. As Ori travels through the dangerous lands he will uncover certain abilities that help him traverse previously inaccessible areas of the land. These inaccessible areas hold various secrets that should be explored. To help you keep track of the abilities check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps abilities list below.

Kuro’s Feather

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Location: Nibel Village – Prologue.

You can find this abilty during the Prologue in an old tree by Nibel Village. This ability is unmissable as you need it to advance the story with Ku. With Kuro’s Feather both Ori and Ku gain the following skill:

  • While airborne, hold RT to glide freely or ride wind currents.

Again this ability is unmissable as you need to get it in order to advance the prologue. Grab it and use it for the short time you have it at the start of the game.

Spirit Edge

Image showing the Spirit Edge abilty in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Location: Inkwater Marsh.

The Spirit Edge ability is the second ability you will get in the game. You receive Spirit Edge after you are chased by Howl and scare him off with the torch. This ability is similar to the torch in nature but allows you to do the following:

  • Tap X, Y, or B to unleash a melee combo attack. Can be used on enemies or to destroy things like rocks and sticks blocking your path.

This ability is necessary to advance the story line so you don’t have to worry about missing it as you can’t.

Double Jump

Image showing the Double Jump ability in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Location: Inkwater Marsh

Double Jump can be found in Inkwater Marsh after you’ve collected Spirit Edge. This ability can be found a little lower on your way to visit Kwolok. With Double Jump you can jump twice in the air allowing you to reach higher ledges then on a single jump. You require this ability to advance the story line.


Image showing the regenerate ability in Ori and the Will of the Wisp.

Location: Inkwater Marsh.

Inside one of the rooms through which Howl chased you there is a stone you can interact with. From this stone you receive the Regeneration ability. As the name suggests you can use Enegy to regenerate your Life.

Opher Combat Abilities for Sale

Image showing the Opher Combat Abilities for Sale in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Locations: Inkwater Marsh and then Wellspring Glades.

Opher is a merchant you will meet on your way to see Kwolok. He is standing on a ledge in a large room. When you speak to Opher he tells you that he can make you better in combat. He can do this by selling you a slew of combat abilties that are as follows:

Achievement Note: Upgrades and Water Breath do not count towards achievement.

  • Sentry (800) > Sentry Speed (1600).
  • Spirit Smash (800) > Shock Smash (1600).
  • Spike (800) > Exploding Spike (1600).
  • Spirit Star (800) > Spirit Star (1600).
  • Blaze (800) > Charge Blaze (1600).
  • Water Breath (500).

When you buy the 800 version of the ability above you unlock the 1600 ability which is typically a more beefed up version of the lesser ability.

Spirit Arc

Image showing the Spirit Arc ability in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Locations: Inkwater Marsh.

After you drain the poison water from the statue room in Inkwater Marsh you gain access to a lower room. Inside this lower room you will find the Spirit Arc ability. With this ability you gain a ranged attack that is capable of hitting distant switches.


Image showing the Dash Abilty.

Location: Kwolok’s Hollow.

When you leave Inkwater Marsh you enter a new area called Kwolok’s Hollow. In this new area you will find some new abilities including Dash. As the name of this ability suggests you can move quickly horizontally with RB.


Image showing the Bash ability in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Location: Kwolok’s Hollow.

After you fight the Horned Beetle in Kwolok’s Hollow you will reach a ledge with an enemy shooting purple projectiles at you. You can’t reach this ledge, but can instead use the projectile to break the floor below. Once the floor is broken make your way all the way down to the lowest room to get the Bash ability. With this ability you can launch yourself off of things like projectiles.


Image showing the Grapple ability.

Location: The Wellspring.

The Grapple ability can be found inside the first floor of the mill in The Wellspring. You will need to grab this ability in order to advance through this area. Like the name suggests this ability allows you to hook onto things and pull yourself towards them.

Ancestral Light

Image showing the Ancestral Light ability.

Location: Wellspring Glades + Midnight Burrows.

To unlock this ability you need to complete the side quest called The Tree Keeper. This questline leads to an Ancient Tree being planted in the Wellspring Glades. From this tree you will gain the Ancestral Light ability which raises your attack damage by 25%.

Swim Dash

Image showing the Swim Dash ability.

Location: Luma Pools.

This ability can be found inside the Luma Pools. You will go here when you need to search for a wisp. The Swim Dash is located behind a locked Spirit Gate that requires four keys to open in the upper portion of the area. With the Underwater Dash you can dash underwater.

Light Burst

Image showing the Light Burst ability.

Location: Baur’s Reach.

You will get this ability in the Baur’s Reach area of the game. This ability allows you to throw a fire ball which is good for melting certain obstacles like ice.


Image showing the Flash ability.

Location: Mouldwood Depths.

This ability can be found at the bottom southeast corner of Mouldwood Depths. When activated Flash gives you an aura of light that damages enemies and keeps the darkness at bay while using up energy.


Image showing the Burrow ability.

Location: Windswept Wastes.

Inside the Windswept Wastes you will find this ability as your journey to reach the Beneath Shifting Sands wisp. With Burrow you can tunnel through sand to access different locations.


Image showing the Launch ability.

Location: Weeping Ridge.

You will pass through the Weeping Ridge on your way to the Willow’s End, the final area of the game. As you pass through this area the elevator will break and you will need to use portals to reach an Ancient Tree with the Launch ability inside it. Launch allows you to launch Ori in different directions.

When you’ve unlocked all of the abilities listed above you will earn the Tools of the Trade achievement. This is one of the many achievements players can unlock in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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