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After the prologue of Ori and the Will of the Wisps you end up crash landed in an area called Inkwater Marsh. As the name suggests this area is damp and full of foliage. To advance the story you need to make your way through Inkwater Marsh. To help you do this use our Ori and the Will of the Wisps Inkwater Marsh guide below.

Inkwater Marsh Map of Useful Locations

Inkwater Marsh Map of Useful Locations.

Ori and the Willow of the Wisps plays out like other metroidvanias as you will spend your time exploring and wondering where you need to go. To help alleviate some of this confusion The map above highlights all of the useful things in Inkwater Marsh needed to get through the main story.

Meeting Tokk

When you regain control of Ori you may be wondering where it is you need to go since you can head to the left or right. To advance the story head to the right. If you feel confident in your platforming abilities you can complete the short platforming sequence to the left that leads to a Life Cell Fragment (that’s all there is over that direction for now). Life Cell Fragments can be combined to give Ori more health which is pretty useful early.

Regardless of what you decide you have to head to the right. There really isn’t many other directions you can go so I will simply point out a few stops you need to make along the way. After falling down the log, head to the right and go further down until your reach a room on your left with a fire inside it. Go into this room and grab a Torch. With the Torch you are able to attack enemies and burn wood blocking your way. Head further to the right and continue following the natural progression until you reach an NPC called Tokk.

Tokk is the first NPC you will meet in Ori and the Will of the Wisps that will offer you a side quest. This side quest needs to be completed to advance the story. Basically Tokk realizes you need two keystones to open the Spirit Gate. He has one and knows that another one is inside the cave to his left. Tokk agrees to give you his keystone if you can get the one from inside the cave. Should be easy enough.

How to Get the Keystone for Tokk (The Missing Key)

Image showing how to get the Keystone for Tokk.

From Tokk head to the left into the cave system there. This cave basically has one direction you can go which is left and down. Head through the cave system until you enter a room with an enemy. To advance through this room you need to defeat this enemy to open the door to its left. Simply time your jumps to dodge its attacks and use your torch when there are openings. Eventually this creature will fall and the door to its left will open. Head through the door to the left into the waterfall (bye torch).

By the waterfall you will learn about blue grass you can cling to. This allows you to traverse up a wall easier. Climb the blue grass up the waterfall until you reach the top. Look above you for more blue grass and use that to head up and to the right. Here you will find the keystone. Grab it then head right to return to the cave entrance and Tokk. Speak with Tokk and he will give you the second keystone.

Boss: Howl

Image showing Howl in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Head right from Tokk back to the location of the Spirit Gate. Open the gate now that you have the keys to do so. Head right into the next area and you will see a large wolf in the background. Continue right and that wolf will appear. This creature is called Howl. Howl will chase you so platform to the right until you reach the room with the fire in it. Here you will grab a torch and will fight Howl. You need to take about half of Howl’s health of to get him to leave you alone. ‘Defeat’ Howl then head to the left and drop down into Howl’s Den.

Getting Spirit Edge and Double Jump

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In Howl’s Den you are looking to accomplish two things and those things are getting the Spirit Edge and Double Jmp abilities. These abilities allow you to reach the upper portion of Inkwater Marsh which is where we need to head to reach the next area of the world called Kwolok’s Hollow. Howl’s Den is largely self-contained so you shouldn’t have a problem getting both of these abilities. With each of these abilities in hand you can do the following:

  • Spirit Edge: destroy tress and other obstacles blocking your path.
  • Double Jump: extra jump allowing you to reach higher platforms.

One you have both abilities note you can’t leave Howl’s Den until you’ve collected the two Keystones needed to open the locked gate. Once you have both of the keystones you can head all the way back to the start of Inkwater Marsh which is where we need to go to reach the upper portion of the map area. Along the way as you pass through the Howl’ Chase area interact with the rock there to get the Regenerate ability. You can also stop in at the NPC named Lupo who sells maps to purchase a map of the area for 50.

Eyestones and Spirit Arcs

Image showing one of the eyestones you need to collect in Inkwater Marsh.

To advance the storyline you need to reach the area of the top right of the Inkwater Marsh. This area becomes accessible after you’ve gotten Spirit Edge and Double Jump from Howl’s Den. Once you have both of these abilities you can head up to this location (where Ori is on the map above). At this location you will run into Tokk. Tokk explains the statue there is missing eyestones which results in it staying closed. We need to get the eyestones.

To get the eyestones use the lever to drain the poison water below the statue and then drop down into the now accesible room with the Spirit Arc ability in it. Grab this ability then head up into the room above. Using the Spirit Arc ability you can shoot the blue orbs on both sides of the room to access the Eyestones. Do this now then take the Eyestones back to the statue. Ori will place the Eyestones in the statue and you will gain access to the next location called Kwolok’s Hollow.

If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps guide hub here.

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