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When you start Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will take control of Ori in a short Prologue. This prologue is completely optional and can be skipped by pressing pause and selecting Skip Prologue. With that said, there are a number of story elements in the prologue you will want to experience, so I highly recommend not skipping. To help you get through this opening use our Ori and the Will of the Wisps prologue guide.

Meeting Ku in the Village in Nibel

Image showing meeting Ku in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

The prologue of Oris and the Will of the Wisps is fairly light on actual gameplay (mainly cutscenes), but there is some general movement inputs for you to make. To start off simply head to the left until you reach the village in Nibel. When you reach the village there will be a brief cutscene where you are introduced to an owl named Ku. After the introdution Ori will fall asleep. Upon waking leave the village by the right exit trigger another cutscene.

During the cutscene you will watch as the Ku attempts to learn how to fly. Ku struggles as the seasons change and she grows older. Eventually Ku becomes frustrated and runs off to the right. Follow after Ku when you gain control of Ori and walk until you reach her on a dock. Ori and Ku will fall asleep on the dock. Once you awake head to the left.

How to Get Kuro’s Feather

Image showing Kuro's Feather in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

From the dock head left until you reach a large tree. Jump up and grab the vine so the door in the trunk opens. Go inside the tree trunk and wall jump to the platform above with the chest on it. Open the chest to receive Kuro’s Feather. With Kuro’s Feather you gain the following ability:

While airborne, hold RT to glide freely or ride wind currents.

By using Kuro’s Feather you improve your time in the air which will be useful later as we get into more of the platforming sequences. This item also plays an important part in Ku’s story you will see in the prologue.

Once you have the feather head to the right and head back to the dock to give the Kuro’s Feather to Ku. This triggers a cutscene with the feather being used to mend the her broken wing. After the cutscene you will control Ku with Ori riding on her back. Simply head to the right until you reach a cliff where Ku takes flight. This triggers a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene Ori ends up in the first major location of the game called Inkwater Marsh.

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