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Once you’ve met Kwolok’s in Kwolok’s Hollow you will be asked to fix the waterwheel in The Wellspring. This area is rather large and hard to navigate so we will hopefully being helping you out. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps The Wellspring guide below.

Note: you can reach The Wellspring area through the room above the Horned Beetle room.

The Wellspring Map

Map of The Wellspring.

To help you make your way through this area of Ori and the Will of the Wisps I’ve put together the map above. On this map I’ve highlighted the various story line elements you need to interact with to advance the story. Use this map and the text guide below to make your way through this area.

Reaching The Wellspring

To reach The Wellspring area is a bit of a journey. To start make your way to the Horned Beetle boss room to trigger a short cutscene with a Moki. The Moki will open the closed door allowing you to access the upper room. Once this is done make your way up the room using Bash and wall jumps. At the top of this vertical room you will reach a room with a blocked entrance on the left side. Shoot the projectile from the enemy in this room at the wall to destroy the wall allowing you to access the Wellspring Glades.

In the Wellspring Glades you will encounter a number of NPCs we’ve seen up to this point. If you are so inclined speak to all of them to trigger a number of side quests you can complete if you wish. Regardless of you choice to reach The Wellspring head to the left then up out of the Wellspring Glades to reach The Wellspring.

How to Get inside the Mill?

How to get inside the Mill in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

When you reach the first door of the The Mill you will see Opher standing in front of it. Opher tells you the door is stuck and there isn’t anything he can do to open it. He suggests you look around to find the cause of this lockout. To open the door head into the room directly below the entrance. Here you will find a number of cogs. In the bottom left corner there is a bug stuck in one of the cogs. Destroy it to get the cogs running again. This opens the door. Make your way up the moving cogs and head inside.

Get Grapple and Make Your Way to the Top of the Mill

Image showing the Grapple ability.

The Mill is broken up into three distinct sections that are traversed in much the same way as how you entered it in the first place. There are numerous cogs (some being stuck with bugs) you will use to make your way to the next exit. Keep in mind in the first section of the Mill you will get the Grapple ability before you can leave. With the Grapple you can grab onto things like hooks and blue grass. To reach the top of the Mill you will need to do a combination of this with your Grapple ability.

Escape the Monster Polluting the Water Source

Image showingthe monster polluting the water.

When you reach the very peak of the Mill you will come face to face with the creature that is polluting the water. Instead of having a boss fight with this creature you will need to escape it. This means a couple minute long platforming chase must be completed in order to beat this boss. At the end of the chase you will fall off the Mill and into clean water. The water source has been purified and the water around the world is clean. This means you can swim in water now.

With the water cleared up return to Kwolok and tell him the good news. Kwolok will share with you details of where he thinks Ku can be found. This leads to the next area of the game called the Silent Woods.

If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps guide hub here.

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