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After you’ve cleansed the water at The Wellspring’s mill you will need to speak to Kwolok about it. Kwolok will tell you where to find Ku who is located to the east in an area called the Silent Woods. Like other areas in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the Silent Woods is teaming with enemies, mysteries, and a boss to fight. To help you complete this portion of the game use our Ori and the Will of the Wisps The Wellspring Guide below.

Silent Woods Map

A map of the Silent Woods.

The Silent Woods are located to the east of Kwolok’s Hollow. You can access this location once you’ve cleansed the water. After you’ve cleansed the water you can swim through the water to the east of Kwolok’s Hollow to reach this location. To help you traverse the Silent Woods check out the map above. I’ve marked the locations of every important story mark/update on it. For more information about getting through this area read the text guide below.

Where to Find Ku?

The main reason we enter the Silent Woods is to find our feathered friend, Ku. Ku is supposedly located somewhere in the Silent Woods according to Kwolok. To rescue Ku we need to swim over to the Silent Woods. From here the only option is to head to the right (or east) deeper into the area.

Where are the Silent Woods Key Stones?

Image showing where to find the Silent Woods Key Stones.

After the first initial cutscene of the area head to the right and complete the platforming sequence there. Basically all you are doing here is using the time limited bubbles to launch yourself across this room (use the walls above if you need to wait out a bubble spawn). Once you reach the end you will be met by a locked gate. You need to collect two key stones to open it. Luckily they are both close by:

  • Key Stone 1: Jump form the gate ledge to the wall on the left and wall jump your way up the wall into a secret area to grab this keystone.
  • Key Stone 2: Underneath the gate ledge. Use the two bubbles there to reach.

Once you have both Key Stones, return to the gate and open it. Head to the right deeper into the Silent Woods.

Finding Ku

Continue heading to the right until you reach a large open area with a treestump inside it. When you walk up to the stump Ku will stick her head out. After the cut scene occurs you will take control of Ku and Ori. They are back together again.

Once you’ve found Ku you will be prompted to leave the Silent Forest. Unfortunately for us this is more difficult than it should be. Since Ku moves differently than Ori you lose the ability to do things like wall jumping, this means we have to go deeper into the forest to leave it.

Where are the Silent Woods Key Stones?

Image showing where to find the Key Stones in the Silent Woods.

Head to the right and follow the tutorial prompts on screen to learn more about using Ku. Basically you can fly on air streams allowing you to reach higher locations. Do this until you reach the room with the NPC Kii in it. On the right wall of this room you will find a another locked gate. Again you must find four Key Stones to unlock it:

  • Key Stone 1: Directly underneath the platform with the gate on it. Look for a hidden entrance along the wall here.
  • Key Stone 2: Room with spikes all around it on left wall. Shoot enemy out of the way and enter to get it.
  • Key Stone 3: Above the room with the spikes in a green orb. Shoot with Spirit Arc to get it.
  • Key Stone 4: The final Key Stone can be found beneath the room with Key Stone 1. To get at this Key Stone you need to lure the enemy out of the spiked room and use your gust to blast it towards the breakable stone wall. This causes an explosion that clears the rocks. Glide down past the spikes and head to the right after to reach a ledge with the Key Stone on it.

Take all three Key Stones to the locked gate and open it. Once open head to the right to continue on your journey.

How to Escape the Silent Woods

Image showing Ori and Ku caught.

In the room directly after the gate shoot the explosives with your Spirit Arc ability inside the skull to trigger it to close. Once closed you can continue heading to the right. Go up the shaft and destroy the explosives on the ledge above so you can reach the floor above. Head to the left and make your way through the bubble sequence so you reach the stone bird. Jump up onto the stone bird to trigger it to collapse. Use the right wing to reach the ledges on the right side of the room.

Continue heading to the right into the next room to trigger a brief cutscene. After the cutscene head drop down to the right and enter the log there. Go through the log to reach a Shrine. Rest at the Shrine then ride the airwaves up. Head to the right into the next room to trigger a cutscene.

Image showing injured Ku.

After the cutscene you will awaken at the bottom of a long shaft. You can’t do anything here so simply walk to the left to trigger another cutscene. After this cutscene you regain control of Ori. Head down and to the right until you find Ku who has fallen off the ledge above. During this sad moment a number of Moki will appear and they will help you move Ku to a more fitting site. During the cutscene the Voice will appear and the flowers will begin to glow. Follow the spirit to Kwolok to trigger a long cutscene.

Once the cutscene with Kwolok is complete you will receive the ability Kuro’s Feather. This ability is first introduced in the Prologue so it is handy to have once again. After receiving this ability you will regain control of Ori. Our next objective is to find the Wisps scattered throughout the lands.

If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps guide hub here.

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