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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of side quests you can complete to earn various rewards. These side quests trigger from a variety of sources like talking to a specific NPC or finding items in the world. One NPC you will meet numerous times is Tokk. Tokk is a bird that will give you numerous side quests as you adventure. One side quest Tokk gives is called Into the Burrows. This side quest can be located inside the southern portion of Inkwater Marsh. To help you complete this side quest for Tokk use our Into the Burrows guide below.

Note: this is an optional location for players to explore in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Where to Start the Into the Burrows Side Quest?

Image showing where to start the Into the Burrows Side quest.

To start this side quest you need to have met with completed the story up to the finding of Ku. After this event you will be tasked with finding Wisps to attempt to heal Ku. These Wisps are in various unexplored locations on the map. At this point you should enter the Windswept Wastes to the east of the Silent Woods to get the sand dash ability. With this ability you can pass through sand, allowing you to access the lower portion of the Inkwater Marsh. Once you have the ability head to the spot marked on the map above to meet Tokk and start this side quest.

What is the Song to Access the Burrows?

Image showing the song to access the Burrows.

When you speak to Tokk and begin the side quest he mentions needing to play a song to open the door to the area. The song needed to be played is denoted by the statues in the background with long, short, and medium notes. To put in the correct notes hit the following plants:


Use your Dash ability to hit the flowers in the order shown above. When inputted correctly the entrance to the Burrows will open and the side quest will continue.

Complete the Midnight Burrows to Get the Curious Tablet

Image showing the Curious Tablet.

The Midnight Burrows is a short puzzle plaforming sequence in which you need to collect 4 Key Stones scattered throuhgout the area. To get these Key Stones you will be using portals. Like any portal game this means momentum plays a part in launching yourself around. The more time spent going between a portal set, the faster and higher you go. Once all 4 Key Stones are collected open the locked door to get the quest item the Curious Tablet. Return to Curious Tablet to Tokk to learn the song is written backwards.

Getting the Ancestral Light

Image showing the Ancestral Light ability.

You may have noticed there is an Ancient Tree to the right of the entrance to the Midnight Burrows. This Ancient Tree is locked behind a door. To open the door play the song we played earlier backwards. So it would be:


This will open the door to the Ancient Tree from which you will receive the a second Ancestral Light – which raises you attack damage by 25%. Not a bad reward.

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