Ori and the Will of the Wisp: Windswept Wastes Guide

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Once you’ve rescued Ku from the Silent Woods you will be tasked with collecting a total of three wisps (four total) from various locations around the map. These locations are all tied to a specific wisp and they contain their own quests. Once these wisps are collected you can head off to the Windswept Wastes. To help you get through this area use our Windswept Wastes guide below.

Note: This is one of the final areas you need to visit before the end of the game. If you go here before getting all of the wisps the gate on top of the mountain is locked.

Windswept Wastes Map

Image showing a map of the Windswept Wastes.

Windswept Wastes can be accessed to the east of Silent Woods. As the name of this area suggests it is a sandy, desert locale with new enemies, abilities, and a wisp to find. As I’ve been doing, I’ve put together a map highlighting the various story things you need to complete there. Use the map above and the text guide below to get through the Windswept Wastes.

Exploring the Windswept Wastes and Getting Burrow

Image showing the Burrow ability.

The Windswept wastes area is fairly straightforward to explore. The basic goal of this area is to reach the top of the mountain to go to the Windtorn Ruins. Like other areas prior to this location you will notice your movement is impeded until you get this area’s ability. For the Windswept Wastes the ability you want to get is called Burrow. I’ve marked on the map to show you where you need to head first in the area. Once you have this ability you can use it to traverse up the area to the mountain top since you can swim through sand.

How to Enter the Windtorn Ruins

Image showing how to enter the Windtorn Ruins.

Important: if you make it all the way up here without the wisps in your possession, the door remains closed.

When you reach the top of the mountain, head to the right until you reach the entrance for the Windtorn Ruins. If you have all of the wisps in your possession this door will open allowing you to access the ruins. Press up to enter the new area.

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