Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Windtorn Ruins Guide

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After collecting the wisps and making your way through the Windswept Wastes you will arrive in the Windtorn Ruins. This old ruins holds a number of interesting lore bits for players to ponder and helps advance the main story towards its conclusion. To help you get through this area use our Windtorn Ruins guide.

Windtorn Ruins Map

Image showing a map of the Windtorn Ruins.

The Windtorn Ruins is a fairly short, linear area with lots of lore in it. With that said I opted to provide a map highlighting what I’m talking about in the guide below.

Reach the Bottom of the Windtorn Ruins

Image showing the statue at the bottom of the Windtorn Ruins.

The Windtorn Ruins is very linear in design, so your only real direction to head is down. As you progress deeper into the ruins you will come across various paintings depicting lore moments. Ori will stop at each painting and discuss what is happening. Continue heading deeper until you reach the bottom floor. On this floor there is a Shrine you can rest at. Do this now, then shoot the green blob on the column to your left. This causes the column to fall over, revealing a new path to the west. Follow this path until you reach the four-armed statue shown above. At this point you will watch a brief cutscene.

Chase: Sandworm

During the cutscene you will see a large sand worm appear. This sand worm doesn’t like that you’re in the ruins and wants you to leave. This triggers a chase sequence that has you running in a different section of the ruins. While completing this chase sequence keep in mind there is a ton of Burrow ability usage so be ready with this ability.

Once you reach the top of the ruins the chase will end and the sandworm will be buried in rubble. Walk to the left to the edge to trigger another cutscene. In this cutscene you will learn where we need to take Seir to the Spirit Willow. This places a new marker on your map near the entrance of the Windswept Wastes. Head there now.

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