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Once you’ve rescued Ku from the Silent Woods you will be tasked with collecting a total of four wisps from various locations around the map. These locations are all tied to a specific wisp and they contain their own quests. This post looks at the quest called Lost in Paradise which takes you to Luma Pools below The Wellspring area. Learn how to complete this quest and rescue the wisp with our Lost in Paradise guide.

Note: I recommend picking up the Triple Jump Spirit Shard for these wisp quests. It can be bought at the vendor in Wellspring Glade for 2200.

Luma Pool Map

Image showing the Luma Pool Map.

Luma Pool can be accessed via the same room as the Mill in The Wellspring area. After the water is cleansed you can swim down through the water on the east side of this room. These underwater tunnels are called Luma’s Pool. To reach the area we need head to the west. To help you traverse the Luma Pools check out the map above. I’ve marked the locations of every important story mark/update on it. For more information about getting through this area read the text guide below.

Exploring the Luma Pools and Getting Swim Dash

Image showing the Swim Dash ability.

The goal of the Luma Pools is to continue to head to the west until you reach the boss room. Before you can make it all the way you will need to deviate and head to the northern portion of the area to get at the Swim Dash ability. The Swim Dash ability is needed for a specific section of the area that can only be traversed using the dash. To get to the Swim Dash room you need to grab four Key Stones in the same room as the locked gate. Once you have those keys you can access the room to get the ability.

Boss Fight: Kwolok

Image showing the Kwolok boss fight.

When you reach the end of the Luma Pools you will encounter Kwolok. Kwolok has been corrupted. After a brief cutscene with Kwolok you will need to complete a short chase sequence going west. At the end of the sequence you will reach the boss fight room. In this room Kwolok’s health bar will be revealed and a boss fight takes place.

Upon defeat of Kwolok you receive the wisp for the Luma Pools area. This wisp is one of four total you need to collect to complete the main story. After collecting this wisp you will want to leave the area. With that said now is a good time to complete the Kwolok’s Wisdom side quest you can start at the beginning of the Luma Pools area (speak to the Moki there).

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