Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Kwolok’s Wisdom Guide

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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of NPCs that you can speak to. Some of these NPCs say little to nothing while others have requests to ask of you. One NPC you will encounter is a Moki in the large room of the Luma Pools. This Moki gives asks for your help in finding Kwolok who is in the pools somewhere. Once you’ve spoken to this Moki you will trigger the Kwolok’s Wisdom side quest. Use our Kwolok’s Wisdom guide below to complete this side quest.

Where to Start the Kwolok’s Wisdom Side Quest?

To start this side quest you need to have met with completed the story up to the finding of Ku. After this event you will be tasked with finding Wisps to attempt to heal Ku. These Wisps are in various unexplored locations on the map, with one Wisp being located inside the Luma Pools. In the large room near the beginning of the Luma Pools you will find the Moki standing on a ledge giving this side quests. Speak to the Moki to start it.

Where to Find Kwolok in the Luma Pools?

Image showing the two locations of Kwolok in the Luma Pools.

To complete this side quest you need to find Kwolok in the Luma Pools. Kwolok can be located in a couple of places, but the main aim here is to complete the Luma Pools area as Kwolok is the boss at the end that you fight. Once you’ve defeated Kwolok return to the Moki and speak with him. You let him know that Kwolok is no more. The Moki will give you an Amulet to take back to the altar in Kwolok’s Hollow.

Where to Place the Amulet in Kwolok’s Hollow?

Image showing where to place the Amulet in Kwolok's Hollow.

Once you have the Amulet return to Kwolok’s Hollow and head into the room you first met Kwolok. Head to the right of his pool and you will find an Altar (pictured above). Place the Amulet to end this side quest. As a reward for your efforts you will receive some cash.

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