Ori and the Will of the Wisps: The Tree Keeper Guide

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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of NPCs that you can speak to. Some of these NPCs say little to nothing while others have requests to ask of you. One NPC you will encounter is named Kii and he can be found in the Silent Woods. Kii is a Tree Keeper who watches over various trees in the Silent Forest. When you encounter Kii infront of a particular tree he will get upset with you since the tree is dead. This starts a side mission called The Tree Keeper. To help you complete this side mission use our The Tree Keeper guide below.

Where to Start The Tree Keeper Side Mission

Image showing where to start The Tree Keeper Side Mission.

To start this side mission make your way to the Silent Woods. To reach the Silent Woods you need to have progressed the story enough so the water is no longer toxic. Once this is done you can swim to the Silent Woods through the east exit of Kwolok’s Hollow.

Inside the Silent Woods make your way to the spot marked on the map above. Here you will find Kii. Kii is standing in front of a dead tree. When you speak to Kii he is angry at you for falling the trees of the forest. After this outburst Kii will mention finding someone to bring the tree back to life. Kii will give you the Lifeless Branch and The Tree Keeper side mission will start.

Who to Show the Petrified Branch to?

Image showing the location of Tuley, the character you show the branch to.

Once you have the Lifeless Branch you need to find someone to show the branch to. There is one NPC you can show the branch to that is located in the Wellspring Glades called Tuley who oversees the flora of the Wellspring Glades. Head to Tuley who is located on the east-side of the glade above the entrance and show him the branch. He immediately tells you there is nothing he can do.

The Tree Keeper Side Quest Reward

Image showing The Tree Keeper Side Mission reward.

Take the bad news return to The Tree Keeper and speak to him about the tree. Kii will give you a Tree Seed for your efforts which ends the quest line. With that said the Tree Seed can be given to Tuley to plant. The result of this planting is a new Ancient Tree that unlocks the Ancestral Light ability which improves your attack damage by 25%. After the tree is planted you will notice Kii can be found standing next to it.

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