Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Weeping Ridge Guide

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Upon visiting the Windtorn Ruins you will receive a new quest called The Will of the Wisps. This new quest tasks you with visiting taking Seir to the Spirit Willow. To complete this task use our Weeping Ridge guide below.

Weeping Ridge Map

Image showign the Weeping Ridge map.

The Weeping Ridge is an area located above the Silent Woods. It is a rather vast area that features a number of enemies for players to fight. The Weeping Ridge is fairly linear in its layout, but the map above highlights the important rooms. Consult the map as you read the text guide below.

How to get to the Weeping Ridge?

Image showing Shriek getting blinded.

To reach the Weeping Ridge return to the room you encountered Shriek in the Windswept Wastes starting area. When you return here Seir will blind Shriek causing her to leave you alone. Climb up to the top floor and head to the west. You will be able to enter the Weeping Ridge there.

Getting the Launch Ability

Image showing the Launch ability.

Head left in the Weeping Ridge area until you reach an elevator. Ride the elevator up and kill the enemies that spawn on it. At the top of the elevator shaft the elevator will break, get off to the right. Continue heading to the right using the portals available to you. Eventually you will reach an Ancient Tree with the Launch ability in it. This ability allows you to launch yourself in different directions.

Once you have the Launch ability you need to use it to return to the elevator. This means launching yourself through the portals using Bash on enemies. When back at the elevator Launch yourself on top of it then complete the launch/wall jump sequence to scale the remaining elevator shaft. At the top head left to reach the last location of the game called Willow’s End.

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