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After you traverse the area called Weeping Ridge you end up in the area with the Spirit Willow called Willow’s End. In this area you need to destroy 8 Corrupted Hearts to free the corruption from the Spirit Willow (allowing you to reach the boss area). To help you do this use our Willow’s End guide below.

Willow’s End Map

Image showing the Willow's End Map.

Willow’s End is a fairly small area, but it can be a bit confusing to explore. You will need to access every area of this map to find and destroy all of the Corrupted Hearts. To help you accomplish this task and to help you navigate this area use the map above.

How to Destroy the Corrupted Hearts

Image showing a Corrupted Heart in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

When you reach the Willow’s End you will want to head north up to Lupo so you can buy a map. After you have the map you will want to head to the Spirit Willow. When you reach the Spirit Willow the locations of the Corrupted Hearts will be marked on your map. These hearts must be destroyed to complete this area. To destroy the Corrupted Hearts you simply need to hit them until they blow up. Here’s how to reach all the Corrupted Hearts:

  1. Shoot the blob on the wall then run away as a boulder will roll down onto you. Once the boulder is safely out of the way you can access the Corrupted Heart.
  2. Use the Portals to traverse to the east-side of the room. Look for a blocked portal on the right wall and bash the blockage. Head down to the pink orb that shoots projectiles and Bash projectile so it goes through the portal below. Go through the portal and Bash the projectile into the portal you unblocked. Head through the portal and shoot the projectile into the portal above. Follow the projectile through and shoot it at the pink blockage to gain access to the heart.
  3. Complete the platforming section using Burrow to reach the Corrupted Heart. After you’ve destroyed it you need to complete another platforming sequence to return to the entrance area.
  4. Make your way through the spinning portals to reach the Corrupted Heart. Drop down the opening after you’ve destroyed the Corrupted Heart to return to the entrance.
  5. Void the rotating lasers and make your way to the top-left corner of the room. Here you will find a Corrupted Heart. Destroy it.
  6. Head to the location marked on the map above to fight a mini-boss called Willow Stone.
  7. In the same room as the rotating lasers, go into the bottom right portal. In the next room wait for the entrance in the rotating platform to appear before you. Jump into the rotating platform and ride it until the entrance lines up with the portal on the left-side of the room. Wait for the rotating platform and jump inside it. Use Launch so you hover as the platform turns. Launch out when the platform lineups with the top left entrance. Destroy the Corrupted Heart there.
  8. Make your way through the platforming sequence using your grappling hook and the portals to reach the final Corrupted Heart.

After you’ve destroyed all of the Corrupted Hearts above you will unlock the entrance to the final boss fight area of the game versus Shriek.

Boss Fight: Shriek

Image showing the Shriek boss.

The final boss fight of Ori will of the Wisps is versus Shriek. Make your way up to the boss arena to trigger the final boss fight. During at the start of the fight Shriek will appear and attempt to stop you. This trigger the first phase of the fight. The fight has the following phases:

  1. The first phase of the boss fight with Shriek is a standard boss fight. After you deal 30% damage you Shriek will fly off and will return to chase you to the right.
  2. In the second phase you need to complete the chase sequence to next boss area.
  3. The third phase is another boss fight sequence. Take Shriek’s health down to 30% to trigger the final phase.
  4. During the fourth and final phase of the Shriek fight the platform you are on will disappear and you will need to Bash juggle yourself until Shriek appears on the right so you can deal damage to it. Repeat this process a few times until you defeat the boss.

During the different phases above you will trigger checkpoints, so don’t worry about dying. Once defeated you will trigger the game’s ending. To complete the game simply walk Ori to the right until you reach the light orb.

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