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Once you’ve rescued Ku from the Silent Woods you will be tasked with collecting a total of three wisps (four total) from various locations around the map. These locations are all tied to a specific wisp and they contain their own quests. This post looks at the quest called Breaking the Mould which takes you to Mouldwood Depths which to the south of Kwolok’s Hollow. In this new area you need to free a wisp. Learn how to complete this quest and rescue the wisp with our Breaking the Mould guide.

Note: I recommend getting the triple jump ability from the vendor in Wellspring Glade before completing this area. It costs 2200.

Mouldwood Depths Map

Image showing a map of the Mouldwood Depths.

Mouldwood Depths can be accessed to the south of Kwolok’s Hollw. As the name of this area suggests it is a mouldy, dank, and dark area that is somewhat of a pain to explore. As I’ve been doing, I’ve put together a map highlighting the various story things you need to complete there. Use the map above and the text guide below to get through the Mouldwood Depths.

How to Reach Mouldwood Depths?

Image showing the stone to break to access Mouldwood Depths.

Mouldwood Depths can be accessed below Kwolok’s Hollow. To get to this area head west of where Kwolok resides and drop down into the broken piece of ground. In the area below look for a breakable stone block (purple veins) on the left side of the room. Redirect the projectiles below to break the block allowing you access to the lever there. Pull the lever to open the door on the east side which leads to Mouldwood Depths.

Light and Dark in Mouldwood Depths

The Mouldwood Depths feature an interesting mechanic you will need to contend with as you explore. In certain areas of the level there is darkness. This darkness kills you if you stay in it for to long. To avoid this instant death you need to use various light sources to traverse the darkened areas. These light sources include fixed lights, enemy lights, and light bugs that can be found inside gold sacs (hit to release them). When you are standing in a light source you live, so use the various light sources to traverse the area.

Locked Gate in Mouldwood Depths

So with that in mind make your way into the Mouldwood Depths until your reach the locked gate. This locked gate requires two Key Stones to open. These Key Stones are located nearby in darkened areas on the left and right lower levels. Use the light sources you have at your disposal to collect the Key Stones then head to the gate and open it. Continue heading to the right.

Reaching the Shrine

Through the locked gate head to the right until you reach a T where you can go left or right. To the right is darkness so avoid that for now. Head to the left and use the grapple points to make temporary walls to traverse higher. On the top floor head to the right until you reach a infinite mosquito spawning sac. Ignore it for now and instead focus on the pink blob on the floor. Defeat this blob then use the grapple point to reach the area to the right. Defeat the blob here as well to create a light source for the area down below. Return to the T and head to the right, using our new light source to make it safely.

Continue heading to the right (don’t go down or up) and you will reach a Shrine. Rest at this shrine and then head to the left. Release the fire fly here and follow all the way down to the next locked gate.

Locked Gate in Mouldwood Depths

After you’ve followed the fire fly deeper into the Mouldwood Depths you will arrive at another locked gate. To open this gate you need to collect Key Stones located in the room to the right. Release the fire fly on the floor here and follow it to the right. Explore this room to get the Key Stones then return to the gate and open it.

Getting the Flash Ability

Image showing the Flash ability.

Head through the open gate and trigger the fire fly there. Follow this fire fly as it goes down and to the right. Continue following it until it dies then jump to the various light sources to continue heading to the right. When you reach the mosquito generating sack use them to Bash you way up the left vertical shaft. Here you will encounter a fire fly. Release it and follow the fire fly to reach an Ancient Tree. This tree contains the Flash ability. With this ability equipped we no longer have to worry about light sources.

Once you have the Flash ability you are free to explore most of the Mouldwood Depths. With that said if you wish to advance the story simply head through the area marked by Need Flash on the map above to reach the boss fight of Mouldwood Depths. I hope you like spiders.

Boss Fight: Mora

Image showing the boss Mora.

When you reach the far northwest area of the Mouldwood Depths you will encounter a giant spider named Mora. Mora like every other boss so far has been defiled. This means you need to defeat her to free her from the corruptions grasp. Mora is an actual boss fight that has multiple phases. When the fight starts you will fall into an arena below:

  1. Phase 1: standard fight. Lower Mora’s health to 50% to trigger next phase. Note during this phase Mora will break open the right wall to make the arena bigger.
  2. Phase 2: Mora destroys the floor, forcing you to platform your way up to the area you first met Mora in. While you are platforming Mora will chase you.
  3. Phase 3: Once you reach the starting area again there is another fight. When you get Mora to about 30% Mora will trigger darkness meaning you should have your Flash ability handy.

Upon defeat of Mora you receive the wisp for the Mouldwood Depths area. This wisp is one of four total you need to collect to complete the main story. After collecting this wisp you will want to leave the area (or explore it if you haven’t already).

Depending on the order you beat the wisp levels determines what you should do next. If you haven’t done the other wisps head to either the Luma Pools or Baur’s Reach. If you have all the wisps head to the Windswept Wates.

If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps guide hub here.

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