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Once you’ve rescued Ku from the Silent Woods you will be tasked with collecting a total of four wisps from various locations around the map. These locations are all tied to a specific wisp and they contain their own quests. This post looks at the quest called The Highest Reach which takes you to Baur’s Reach above the Wellspring Glades. Learn how to complete this quest and rescue the wisp with our The Highest Reach guide.

Note: To reach the Baur’s Reach you need to wake the bear blocking the way. Read the guide on how to do that here.

Baur’s Reach Map

Image showing the Baur's Reach Map.

Baur’s Reach is the second highest place you will visit in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. When you reach this location you learn it has fallen into perpetual winter. To help change the weather issues you need to reach the peak to get the wisp there. As you journey up the mountain you may wonder where to go. The map above should hopefully get you going in the right direction.

Speak to Baur, Drop the Stone, and Light the First Furnance

Image showing the lit furnace in Baur's Reach.

After you wake up Baur head into Baur’s Reach and speak to him. Baur mentions that the mountain is covered in snow which means he has no choice but to hibernate. Once this interaction is complete head to the right and climb up the room to the middle section. Head to the left side of the room so you reach a rock. Drop the rock off the edge so it hits and breaks the tree below. Drop down the hole and stoke the cauldron with Kuro’s Feather to launch a flame. Bash the flame into the furnace on the right side of the room. Head back up to the room with Baur.

Pull the Lever in Baur’s Room

Image showing the Lever to pull in Baur's room.

With the furnace running you will notice a number of the previously frozen things are now no longer frozen. This is good for us as it allows us to reach the lever on the right side of the room. Reach the middle floor then use the living vine to platform over to the lever pictured above. Pull this lever to open the door on the right side of the room. Go through this door into the next room.

Light the Second Furnace and Head North

Inside this next room you will repeat the same process we did in the Baur room. Drop to the ground floor below and stoke the pot so it shoots out a flame. The Furnance here is further away so you need to use Bash to juggle the flame over to the furnance. Once this is done the room will defrost and you will be able to access more of it. We want to head up north so do that now until you reach the top of the room. Head into the right room with the locked gate.

How to Get the Light Burst Ability

Image showing the Light Burst ability.

This room features four Key Stones you need to collect to open the locked gate. As you will notice the room is frozen. You need to defrost the room using the cauldron at the top of the waterfall. Make your way to the cauldron and stoke it then jump off to the left so you fall to the ground floor. Before the flame hits the ground Bash it towards the furnace. After the furnace is lit you can collect the four Key Stones and open the gate. Go inside the gate to get the ability Light Burst which let’s us melt ice.

Reaching the Summit

With the Light Burst ability return to the room previous and make your way down. About halfway on the right side is an entrance you can melt. Do this to reach a Shrine. Sit at the Shrine then head back and go all the way down to the bottom floor where the cauldron is.

Head to the right until you see some stones covering a passage. Blow up the stones to free up the air flow. Ride up the air stream using the feather. At the top Bash your Light Bursts so you can go higher. Open the shortcut back to the Shrine then head right. Use your Light burst to knock the log down and avoid the snowball that falls.

Head through the opening the snowball came out of to right and go along the upper floor to reach a candle you can light. Light the candle to open the door to to the right below. Go through this door and complete the combat room. Once this room is done you simply need to make your way to the summit using feather and Bash + Light Burst.

Chase with Shriek

On the summit you will be attacked by the Shriek. Instead of fighting you need to complete a few minute chase sequence with an avalanche following behind you and Shriek taking away platforms ahead of you. Complete the chase sequence to finish this level. At the end of it you will watch a cutscene and will awaken at the bottom of the mountain.

That’s all you need to know to complete The Highest Reach mission. This is one of four main missions you need to complete to finish the game. Good luck.

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