Metro Exodus Collectibles Guide – All Collectible Locations

Metro Exodus features a number of different collectibles for players to find in each level. These collectibles include Diary Pages, Postcards, and Suit Upgrades. This post will serve as our Metro Exodus collectibles guide.

Metro Exodus Collectibles List

  • 70 Diary Pages – Collect for Librarian Achievement/Trophy.
  • 21 Postcards – Collect for Old World Pictures Achievement/Trophy.
  • 13 Suit Upgrades – Gather for Dressed for Success Achievement/Trophy.

All of the collectibles above can be found in the various levels you will play in Metro Exodus. None of the collectibles are missable as you can replay chapters via the chapter select screen on the main menu.

Metro Exodus Chapter Collectibles Locations Guides:

  1. Moscow (10 Diary Pages, 2 Postcards).
  2. Winter (1 Diary Page).
  3. The Volga (13 Diary Pages, 5 Postcards).
  4. The Volga (8 Suit Upgrades).
  5. Spring (1 Diary Page).
  6. Yamantau (6 Diary Pages, 2 Postcards).
  7. The Caspian (12 Diary Pages, 5 Postcards).
  8. The Caspian (5 Suit Upgrades).
  9. Summer (1 Diary Page).
  10. The Taiga (18 Diary Pages, 5 Postcards).
  11. Autumn (1 Diary Page).
  12. The Dead City (8 Diary Pages, 2 Postcards).

Metro Exodus DLC Collectible Locations Guides:

  1. The Two Colonels (9 Diary Pages).
  2. Sam’s Story (11 Diary Pages, 9 Sheet Music, 8 Night Hunter Stashes).
    1. Diary Pages.
    2. Sheet Music.
    3. Night Hunter Stashes.

This guide is now complete. If you have any comments, quests or suggestions, hit me up in The Pit below. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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