Autumn Collectible Location – Metro Exodus

After you make your way through The Taiga, you will have another brief lore mission to complete called Autumn. Like the other missions of this type there is only one collect in this mission to get. This guide will show you the Autumn collectible location.

Autumn Collectible List

As mentioned above there is only one collectible in the Autumn level:

  • Diary Page: 1

If you miss this collectible you can grab it by replaying the mission through the Chapter Selection on the Main Screen.

Autumn Diary: Katya’s Note – Train Car

Autumn Diary Katya's Note - Train Car

When you take control of Artyom make your way to the Bridge of the train with Krest. Sit and listen to the people speak for a few minutes then return to the train car you came out of. Go past your sleeper room and head into the area with your hanging armor and the workbench. Grab the diary.

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