The Volga Collectibles – Metro Exodus

The Volga Collectibles locations in Metro Exodus

The Volga is the first major open world level you will face in Metro Exodus. Unlike other levels up to this point you have a ton of freedom to move around and explore the area. Since The Volga is large, there are a number of collectibles for us to find. This post will highlight the locations of all The Volga Collectibles.

The Volga Collectibles:

Since there are so many collectibles in The Volga, I will be breaking this post up into each type below.

The Volga Diary Pages Locations

To start we are going to find all 18 of the Diary Pages. These pages are located all around the area and can be a bit of a pain to find. Use the map above to find the general area, then consult the corresponding number below for more detailed information.

Diary 1: Mouldy Log – Old Boat North of Aurora

Diary 1  Mouldy Log Old Boat North of Aurora
There is some boat wreckage on an island north of the Aurora. Inside the wreckage is the first diary.

There is what is left of a crashed boat on a small island to the north of the Aurora. You can grab this at the beginning of the level or on your way back from completing the cult quest. Look for a body on a mattress in the wreck to get the Mouldy Log.

Diary 2: Water-Logged Note – Locked Door in Bunker

Inside the bunker Anna gets trapped in there is a diary. To get the diary, go right from the entrance and take another right to reach a locked cell. Break the lock and go inside to find the diary by the bed.

Diary 3: Faded Note – Old Manor Basement

On your way to Krest there is an old manor with a number of mutants in it. On the south side of the house there is an entrance to the basement. Inside the basement on a shelf is the Faded Note.

Diary 4: Folded Letter – Bandit Camp

At spot four there is a bandit camp inside a large compound. Clear out the bandits and look for the Folded Letter diary entry by the cages with the prisoners in them.

Diary 5: Sturdy Envelope – Old Van

The Sturdy Envelope can be found in an old van by the number 5 marker. There are a number of burrows around so be cautious.

Diary 6: Weathered Notice – Inside Gas Station

You will find Diary 6 inside the front room of the old gas station on a shelf. Grab it to get the Weathered Notice.

Diary 7: Dusty Workbook – In Rafters of Old Warehouse

At the top of the old warehouse there is a sniper spot (built out of wood). Make your way up to the sniper spot to find the Diary 7.

Diary 8: Bandit’s Note – On Small Island

Grab a boat and make your way out to the small island marked with 8 on the map. On this island you will find the corpse of a bandit. Nearby is the Bandit’s Note.

Diary 9: Torn Page – Old Rail Car

To the east of the rail bridge there is an old railcar safe house. Inside the safe house is Diary 9 as well as Postcard 3.

Diary 10: Thick Ledger – Catfish Room

In the room with the two corpses (and the levers to kill the big Catfish) you will find the Thick Ledge.

Diary 11: Dusty Workbook – Old Shipping Container

You will find Diary 11 inside an old shipping container near the water. Go inside the container and look for Dusty Workbook on the table.

Diary 12: Blood-Stained Diary – Locked Hut

The Blood-Stained Diary can be found in a locked shed near marker 12 on the map above. Inside the shed the diary is sitting on the middle shelf of the bookcase.

Diary 13: Patient Ledger – Clinic on Island

To reach Diary 13 you will need to grab a boat and row out to it as it is inside an old clinic on an island inaccessible to you otherwise. Once you reach the clinic explore until you find the room with the hanging man. On a desk in this room is the Patient Ledger

The Volga Postcard Locations

The Volga Post Card Map Locations Metro Exodus
This map shows the locations of all five postcards in The Volga.

You will find a total of five Postcards spread throughout The Volga. Like the Diary pages, consult the map above to get a general idea of where you will find them. More detail is given below.

Postcard 1: Bunk Room in Bridge Dweller’s Base

Postcard 1 Bunk Room in Bridge Dweller's Base

The first postcard can be reached by doing the cult mission (first mission you get). This will take you to the cult’s hideout/base. Once there make your way through the kitchen and up the ladder into the room with the bunks and elephant toy. On the right wall you will find the postcard.

Postcard 2: Crane Safe House

When you reach Krest on top of the crane you will unlock a safe house. Inside the safe beside the backdoor is postcard 2. Grab it to collect.

Postcard 3: Old Railcar

To the east of the rail bridge there is an old railcar safe house. Inside the safe house is Diary 9 as well as Postcard 3.

Postcard 4: Safe House

In the safe house just before entering the area to get the trolley to pull the passenger train there is a postcard you can grab on the wall.

Postcard 5: Bridge Control Area

Postcard 5 Bridge Control Area
You will find the 5 postcard in the bridge control area at the end of The Volga.

On the final mission of The Volga you will be tasked with lowering the bridge. Make your way through this area until you reach a point where there are stairs on your left and an alcove to your right. Go into the alcove and look for the Postcard on the wall in front of you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    3 and 4 for postcards are backwards…wasted like 30 minutes untill I read comments…why don’t you fix…lol

  2. Erin Shannon says:

    I feel like I should let you know you have your 3-4 mixed up on the postcards. Number and explenation. If that makes sense. Like the info is correct but youve numbered the back to front. Like 3 is where 4 is and 4 is where 3 is.
    Other then that, thanks for this guide, it helped a lot. ❤

  3. bmiilo93 says:

    What happen if i miss the first postcard is there a way to get it back?

    • BeardXP says:

      Annoyingly no there isnt. There used to be a way to jump and climb your way back but they’ve patched it and removed a piece of ice you needed to jump on.

  4. matt says:

    My game says there are six postcards in the Volga

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