The Volga Suit Upgrade Locations – Metro Exodus

In Metro Exodus the suit Artyom wears is one of the more important aspects of your survival. While you start the game relatively weak, you can find a number of upgrades in various levels which will help make survival easier. This post will show you all eight of The Volga Suit upgrade locations.

The Volga Suit Upgrade Locations Map

The Volga Suit Upgrade Locations in Metro Exodus
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This map should give you a general idea of where to find each piece of Artyom’s suit upgrades in The Volga. Below I will go into more depth for each location.

The Volga Suit Upgrade Locations (8)

There area a total of eight upgrade components you can find in The Volga level of Metro Exodus. Each location will be addressed below including pictures for better understanding.

1. Compass – Crashed Airplane

Compass Upgrade - Crashed Airplane
The compass is located inside the crashed airplane.

The first upgrade for Artyom’s suit is the Compass. This piece can be located inside the downed airplane north of the Aurora. You will go past the airplane during the first quest. To find the upgrade simply go inside to the cockpit to find it on the ground there.

2. Extended Filter – Old Shipping Container

Gas Mask Upgrade - Old Shipping Container
In the old shipping container is the extended filter.

Along the coast at this location you will find an old shipping container which is closed. Open the door and go inside. On a desk in this shipping container is the Extended Filter upgrade. There is a Diary in this location as well.

3. Ammo Pouches – Bandit Camp

Ammo Pouches Upgrade - Bandit Camp
Inside the Bandit Camp are the ammo pouches.

At this location, if you enter the Bandit Camp from the door from the wast and turn immediately right you will see the Ammo Pouches upgrade on top of some crates.

4. Throwing Weapon Harness – In Gas Station

Throwing Weapon Harness - In Gas Station
The Throwing Weapon Harness can be found in the gas station.

Inside the gas station behind the locked door you will find the Throwing Weapon Harness.

5. Night Vision – The Lair

Night Vision Upgrade Location Metro Exodus
The Night Vision goggles can be found at the end of The Lair.

After you rescue Shrike, you will be tasked with going into The Lair to get a tug to pull a passenger train. When you reach The Lair you will have a couple of options on how to get this piece:

  • Option 1: There is a bandit camp here which is holding some prisoners. Free the prisoners to receive a key which opens the first locked door in The Lair leading to the Night Vision upgrade.
  • Option 2: Complete all of The Lair until you reach the large door you need to open. Instead of opening the door, walk past it into the room where you can kill the Catfish. Continue through this room into the now opened door and grab the Night Vision off the table.

6. Metal Detector – Small Shack Near Bandit Depot

Metal Detector - Small Shack Near Bandit Railyard
You can find the Metal Detector in a small shack near the depot.

You will find this suit upgrade near the railyard you need to take the trolley to in order to pick up the passenger train. Head towards the small shack along the coast and go inside. Inside you will see the Metal Detector upgrade on the desk surrounded by clocks. There is a Dairy here as well.

7. Reinforced Helmet – Bandit Camp

Reinforced Helmet - Bandit Camp
The Reinforced Helmet can be found in a Bandit Camp north of the Depot.

North of the Bandit Depot you will find another bandit camp inside a pretty much destroyed building. Look for the only room left standing to find the Reinforced Helmet.

8. Battery Charge Controller – Island House

Battery Charge Controller location in Metro Exodus
To get the Battery Charge Controller you will need to complete a short puzzle.

On a lone island with some villagers on it you will find the final upgrade piece. Once you’ve made your way to the island (via boat), you will notice there is a bit of a puzzle to be solved here. I’ve put together the solution here. Once you’ve completed the puzzle a door will open which leads to the Battery Charge Controller.

That’s all The Volga suit upgrade locations. If you are interested in finding the other collectibles in Metro Exodus we have you covered. Head on over to our Metro Exodus collectibles hub.

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