Electricity Puzzle Solution (The Volga) – Metro Exodus

On a small island in The Volga you will come across a house with a number of valves and generators inside it. In order to get at the rewards in this location you will need to complete this puzzle. Below I show you how the electricity puzzle solution in Metro Exodus.

Start up the Generator

When you reach the island (need a boat), make your way to the southwest corner and go to the shed there. Go to backside of the shed (opposite the door) and grab the red jerry can under the window. Take the jerry can into the shed. Interact with the generator to turn it on. Go inside the house.

Unlimited Power

Inside the house you will see a number of different switches and closed doors. To progress flip the switch on the left wall and go inside the door beside it.

Go through the first room and take the ramp up onto the roof. On the roof look for a hole in the floor and drop through. Interact with the breaker panel and charge it up. Return to the first room and flip the switch on the right. Open the door to get at your loot.

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    If you don’t want to take a boat there is a parkcore option you can take. You can see where you can cross on the map.

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