How to Kill the Catfish – Metro Exodus

When you reach The Volga in Metro Exodus you will notice a ton of water covers the map. This water will need to be traversed in order to reach a number of different places. As you traverse the water by boat, you will come across a large “Catfish”. This Catfish can be killed to earn the Fisherman Trophy/Achievement. This post will show you how to kill the Catfish in Metro Exodus.

Killing the Catfish

To kill the Catfish, make your way through the main story quests of The Volga until you reach the one in which you are tasked with going into the Lair to find the Railcar. Once you’ve gone through the Lair you will reach a room with two bodies in it as well as some spikes and a Tsar-Fish altar. This room will allow you to kill the Catfish.

To kill the Catfish cut the ropes holding the bodies to drop them and then pull the lever to dump the metal beams onto the Catfish when it appears (watch for it to swim up). If done correctly the Catfish will die and you will receive the Fisherman trophy/achievement.

Follow along with us as we playthrough more of Metro Exodus. We’ve been putting together a guide to all the collectibles locations here.

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