Spring Collectible Location – Metro Exodus

Spring is the fourth level in Metro Exodus. During this mission ride on a passenger train you acquired on at The Volga. Like other levels in Metro Exodus, Spring has a collectible. This post will show you the Spring collectible location in Metro Exodus.

Spring Collectible:

  • Diary Page

Diary Page: Nastya’s Letter – On Table in Train

Diary Page Nastya's Letter - On Table in Train

When you come to you and Anna will be hanging out in a sleeper car on the passenger train. Anna will talk to you a bit about life on the surface. Once you have control, leave the sleeper car and head to the right. To the right in this hallway is a pair of bunk beds with a table between them. On the table you will find Nastya’s Letter.

That’s all the collectibles in the Spring level of Metro¬†Exodus. For more help on gathering check out our guide for the next level, Yamantau .

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