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Upon leaving The Volga you will arrive at the Yamantau bunker. In the Yamantau bunker you will find a few collectibles. This guide will show you all the Yamantau collectibles locations in Metro Exodus.

Yamantau Collectibles List

There are a total of eight collectibles to grab in Yamantau. The collectibles are as follows:

  • Diary Pages: 6
  • Postcards: 2

If you miss any of these collectibles, you can replay the level from the chapter select option on the start screen.

Yamantau Diary Locations

There are six diaries for you to collect in Yamantau. Each location will be highlighted below. Be sure to grab the diary to have it count as collected.

Diary Page 1: On Desk After Metal Detector

Diary Page 1 On Desk After Metal Detector
Head through the metal detector and look for this desk. On the desk is the dairy page.

After you, Anna, and Miller are taken by the cannibals, there is a brief cutscene. Once the cutscene comes to an end you are separated from Anna. You and the crew will need to wait for the elevator to arrive. Get on the elevator and get out on the floor Miller tells you to. Walk through the metal detector and look left to find Diary Page 1 on the desk.

Postcard 1: In Room with Targets

Postcard 1 In Room with Targets
Look for the first postcard by this target.

Make your way through the kitchen and morgue until your reach a pair of shelves you need to slide between. Slide between the shelves, turn to the right hits the light switch on the wall directly in front of you to the right. Crawl into the now illuminated room. On the wall is the first Postcard.

Diary Page 2: In Room with Targets

Postcard 1 In Room with Targets
Diary Page 2 can be found in the same room as the postcard above.

In the same room as the postcard above. The Dairy Page 2 is on a large water container to the left.

Diary Page 3: Small Room

Diary Page 3 Small Room
In a small room you will find the Diary Page 3.

After you climb through the duct work and open the door at the end of the hallway, you will end up in a long corridor with flashing red lights. Walk down the corridor until the end and head to the right up and over a bunch of boxes. Go inside the small room in the next room area to find the Diary Page 3 by a candle on a crate.

Diary Page 4: Officer’s Diary, 1 – Orange Skull Room

Take out the mini gun enemy then proceed into the next room. Clear the room of enemies then enter the middle room on the right (orange skull beside door). Inside look to the left of the corpse to find the Officer’s Diary, 1.

Postcard 2: Double Doors behind Anna

Postcard 2 Double Doors behind Anna
In the room where you rescue Anna the postcard is on the wall behind her.

After you rescue Anna look to the left of the double doors behind her to snag Postcard 2.

Diary Page 5: Officer’s Diary, 2 – Left of Elevator

Diary Page 5 Officer's Diary, 2 - Left of Elevator
Before getting on the elevator with Anna grab the diary from the left.

Walk through the double doors and head towards the elevator at the end of the hallway. Before getting into the elevator, grab the Officer’s Diary, 2 off the barrel beside it.

Diary Page 6: Officer’s Diary, 3 – Left of Elevator on Crate

Diary Page 6 Officer's Diary, 3 - Left of Elevator on Crate
The last diary can be found on a crate before the last elevator.

Follow Miller, Anna, and Idiot out of the control room and towards the large A4 in the distance. As you approach the elevator look to your left for a crate with some red jerry cans beside it. On the crate is Officer’s Diary, 3.

That’s all the Yamantau collectibles. If you want to find more collectibles, check out our guide to all collectibles in Metro Exodus.

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