Winter Collectible Location – Metro Exodus

Winter is the second level in Metro Exodus. During this mission ride on a train with Anna and the Colonel. Like other levels in Metro Exodus, Winter has a collectible. This post will show you the Winter collectible location in Metro Exodus.

Winter Collectible:

  • Diary Page

Diary Page: Survey Report – On Crate in Train

Diary Page Survey Report On Crate in Train Metro Exodus

Tune the radio then wait for the brief story sequence to play out. Once you can move around, turn around and wait for Anna to finish speaking with a Alyosha on the floor. After Anna is out of the way, go down the stairs and look for a letter on a crate (hard to miss). Pick up the letter to get the Survey Report.

That’s all the collectibles in the Winter level of Metro Exodus. For more help on gathering check out our guide for the next level, The Volga.

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