The Two Colonels Trophies – Metro Exodus DLC

The first piece of DLC content for Metro Exodus is out now. With the release comes new trophies for players to pursue. These trophies range from the simple to more complex. Check out all The Two Colonels trophies below.

The Two Colonels Trophies

Image showing The Two Colonel Trophies.

There are a total of eight Trophies for players to collect. Most of the trophies are rather simple, like beating the DLC, to more complicated like gathering all collectibles. Below is how to get all the Trophies in The Two Colonels DLC.

  • New Year: This is a story trophy. Simply reach Prospekt and celebrate New Year.
  • Duty and Conscience: When you question Petrovich about his stash of green stuff, choose to let Petrovich keep some for his Granddaughter.
  • Father and Son: This is a story mission. It will pop once you reach the Comms Center.
  • Real Colonel: This is a story mission. Simply complete The Two Colonels DLC.
  • The whole picture: Collect all 9 Diaries (all locations guide here).
  • Mind you, it’s quite heavy!: Kill 3 Nosalises with the flamethrower’s melee attack.
  • It’s just a scratch: Complete The Two Colonels without using a medkit on Normal or higher.
  • Dodge master: Dodge all of the Blind One’s throwing attacks in The Two Colonels Chapter.

That’s it for The Two Colonel Trophies. As you can see it is a fairly straightforward collection of tasks for you to complete. Let me know if you hit 100% in The Pit below.


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