How to Access Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC

During Gamescom we got a good look at the upcoming Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC. This brief look also came with a nice surprise, as the add-on content is now available. This guide will show you how to access Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC.

Download Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC From Store

Image showing the PlayStation Store page for The Two Colonels.

To start you will need to download the DLC from the storefront you purchased Metro Exodus on. If you own the Season Pass you will receive the content for free. Regardless, make sure you’ve downloaded the 1.2 GB DLC before you advance. If you don’t the rest of the guide is pointless to you.

Access Chapters from Start Menu

Image showing The Two Colonels DLC on the Chapter select screen.

Once you have the Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC installed, start Metro Exodus. ON the start screen make your way to the Chapters option. Interact with Chapters to open a list. On this list you will see a new option for DLC. Under it is the The Two Colonels chapter. Select it and enjoy!

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2 responses

  1. Andy says:

    Is Sony scamming people? I paid $33 to get DLC Two Colonels and Sam’s Story and they are still locked.

  2. Chuck says:

    I can’t access either the Sam’s Story or The Two Colonels. In the ‘chapters’ section both of the downloads show a ‘lock’ symbol. How do we unlock those?

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