Moscow Collectible Locations – Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus features a number of collectibles for players to find along their journey. These collectibles range from Post Cards and Diaries to Suit Upgrades. This post will show you all Moscow collectible locations in Metro Exodus.

Moscow Collectibles List:

  • Diary Pages: 10
  • Postcards: 2
  • Suit Upgrades: None

If you miss any of the collectibles above you can replay the level using the Chapter select option on the title screen.

Diary Page 1: Half-Torn Notebook – On Desk in Tunnel

Diary Page 1 - On Desk in Tunnel in Metro Exodus

The first Diary Page can be found on a desk in an alcove to the right of the first enemy you fight in the level (not the QTE one). Interact with the Diary to get the Half-Torn Notebook.

Diary Page 2: Patient File – On Desk in Clinic

Diary Page 2 - On Desk in Clinic Metro Exodus

After you get rescued and taken to the clinic you will watch a brief cutscene and then take control of Artyom. Walk forward and look for a desk on your right. Take the Diary Page off the desk to get the Patient File.

Postcard 1 – On Green Locker in Clinic

Postcard 1 - On Green Locker in Clinic Metro Exodus

The first Postcard can be found on a green locker to the right of the green door leading to Anna and Colonel. Grab the Postcard to get Postcard 1.

Postcard 2 – Apartment Kitchen

Postcard 2 - Apartment Kitchen

When you and Anna are outside you will make your way down through an old apartment building. After going down the first set of stairs you will see a hallway and an open door. Go through the door into the apartment kitchen and look for Postcard 2 by the window.

Diary Page 3: Dusty Diary – Apartment Bedroom

Diary Page 3 Dusty Diary - Apartment Bedroom Metro Exodus

In the same apartment as Postcard 2 there is a bedroom with a couch in it. Beside the couch on a small nightstand. On the Nightstand is Dairy Page 3, called Dusty Diary.

Diary Page 4: Shopping List – Shopping Center Corpse

Diary Page 4 Shopping List - Shopping Center Corpse

Follow Anna into the next building which is a shopping center. In the first area you will be attacked by three Watchmen. Dispatch of them then look for a corpse propping a door open on the left side of the room. The corpse has the diary page Shopping List.

Diary Page 5: Shura’s Note – Inside Blue and White Bus

Diary Page 5 Shura's Note- Inside Blue and White Bus Metro Exodus

Head down the escalators and into the blue and white bus that has crashed into the shopping center’s lobby. Go towards the front of the bus and look for a skeleton with a note beside it. Pick up the note to get Shura’s Note.

Diary Page 6: Crumpled Letter – Corpse in Snow

Diary Page 6 Crumpled Letter - Corpse in Snow Metro Exodus

Follow Anna across the bridge until you get captured. Wait for the cutscene to play then you will regain control in a pit. Walk forward and crawl under the logs. In the next area there is a corpse in the snow with the Crumpled Letter.

Diary Page 7: Official Note – On Console in Military Base

Diary Page 7 Official Note - On Console in Military Base Metro Exodus

Make your way through the military base until you reach Anna. Once you reach her there will be brief cutscene of fighting with guards. During the fight a computer console under a large world map will be shot. On this console is the Official Note.

Diary Page 8: Memo – On Desk in Hangar

Diary Page 8 Memo - On Desk in Hangar Metro Exodus

Sneak or blast your way through the courtyard until you make your way into the hangar (red door). Go into the hangar further until you reach a furnace and a desk. On the desk is the Memo.

Diary Page 9: Official Letter – On Desk in Train Car

Diary Page 9 Official Letter - On Desk in Train Car

Make your way into the hangar and rescue Yermak. Free the train and then get on board. Once on board you will get captured again, but you’ll be rescued sort of. As you drive away another train will appear. You will board that train. Once you take out the enemy at the window, go into the car he was in and head left. On a desk in this car is the Official Letter.

Diary Page 10: Crumpled Note – On Crates in Train Car

Diary Page 10 Crumpled Note - On Crates in Train Car

The final Diary Page can be found in the train car directly after the mounted machine gun car. Look to the right of the entrance to find the final collectible on some crates.

That’s all the collectibles in the Moscow level of Metro¬†Exodus. To continue on to the next level, check out our guide to the collectibles in Winter here.

Did we help you find all Moscow collectible locations? Let us know in The Pit below.


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