Spider-Man The Heist DLC Guide

Black Cat Spider-Man PS4

The first DLC for Spider-Man on the PS4 is now out. Episode one, called The Heist sees Spider-Man embroiled in a new adventure with some familiar faces. To help you make your way through the first piece of DLC content, use The Heist guide below. Guide Status: Being updated.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps – The Heist Main Story Guide

The Heist DLC Guide

There are a number of story missions you will need to complete in order to get through the DLC story. These missions occur throughout New York. To help you get through each of them, check out these mission guides:

The Maria (Main Story Mission)

The Trouble with Arson (Maggia Crime)

Long Lost Loot (Hardy’s Stolen Art)

Like Old Times (Main Story Mission)

Something is Screwy (Screwball Challenges)

Trail of the Cat (Main Story Mission)

Pursuing the Truth (Main Story Mission)

Newsflash (Main Story Mission)

Cover for the Cat (Main Story Mission)

Follow the Money (Main Story Mission)

Miscellaneous Guides

Black Cat Spider-Man PS4


The above guides will get you through the main story of The Heist DLC, but there are a few miscellaneous things I want to cover. Below you will find these miscellaneous guides pertaining to The Heist DLC. Look here for things like how to access the DLC and get the different suits:

How to access Spider-Man’s The Heist DLC

Unlock the Resilient Suit

Hardy’s Stolen Art Locations

Side Mission: Like a Fiddle

Anything to add to our The Heist DLC guide? Let us know in The Pit below.


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