How to Get the Resilient Suit in Spider-Man

The first DLC for Spider-Man on PS4 has officially released and with it has come a a few new suits to unlock. One of these new suits is the Resilient Suit. To help you learn how to unlock this new suit, check out our quick how to get the Resilient Suit guide below.

Buy The Heist DLC

Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps

The overarching DLC for Spider-Man is called The City That Never Sleeps.

In order to access the new DLC suits in Spider-Man, you need to pick up the DLC called The Heist. This can be done on the PlayStation Store for 9.99 USD. Once you have The Heist DLC you will gain access to a new story, missions, and three new suits. One of the suits you will get is the Resilient Suit. The Resilient Suit (like all other suits in the game) needs to be unlocked before you can use it. I’ll show you how below.

Beat The Heist Mission Called The Maria

Black Cat Spider-Man PS4

Beat the first mission in The Heist to unlock Resilient suit.

The first mission in The Heist DLC is called The Maria. In this mission you are tasked with entering the MMoCA to thwart a potential art heist. When you complete this mission you unlock the Resilient suit. This suit has no Suit Power associated with it. So unlocking it is basically just for its looks.

Equipping the Resilient Suit

The Resilient Suit in Spider-Man

The Resilient suit can be found in the last row of the suit selection screen.

After you’ve unlocked the Resilient suit, go ahead and equip it. Like other suits in the game, you will find the Resilient suit under the suits tab. It’s position is at the very bottom of the suit selection screen (there are two more suits after it). With the Resilient suit on, you can bask in all its shiny glory.

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