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Black Cat Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man’s first DLC, The Heist, is out now. In this first piece of story DLC for the game, there is an entire new story based around Black Cat. With the new story comes a slew of new mission to complete. The first mission you will be tasked with completing is called The Maria. To help you get through this mission, check out The Maria mission guide below.

Starting The Maria Mission

When you start The Heist DLC, the first mission that becomes available to you is The Maria. This mission tasks you with going to the Manhattan Museum of Contemporary Art in Central Park. Here is what the Mission Overview has to say:

Some over-eager art fans are visiting MMoCA after hours…

Now that we know what we need to do, let’s make our way to the MMoCA (see map above for location). When you arrive at the MMoCA a cutscene will trigger. This starts the mission.

Outside MMoCA

Clearing the MMoCA courtyard of Hammerhead Thugs

When you arrive at the MMoCA, you will meet some new enemies. You will need to take them all out to progress.

At the MMoCA, you will be introduced to a new type of enemy called the Hammerhead Thug. These mafia enemies are swarming the courtyard and come in a variety of types including brawlers, weapon wielders, and general grunts. To progress through the courtyard, you need to take out all of the Hammerhead Thugs outside. With all the statues around it is easy to jump from point to point and take them out stealthy. Once all are taken out, you will get your next objective “Search for Breaches”.

Objective: Search for Breaches

Search for Breaches objective in The Heist DLC for Spider-Man

The breach you are looking for is on the roof of the MMoCA.

The breach you are looking for is located on the eastside of the roof of the MMoCA. You will see a piece of glass has been removed from the skylight. Go over to the cut skylight to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene you will go inside the MMoCA.

Inside MMoCA


In the MMoCA you will notice a distinct lack of guards. What’s going on here? MJ suggests you take a look at the security footage to get a better idea of where everyone went. This will trigger the next objective which is to “Look for the guards.”

Objective: Look for the Guards

MMoCA Security Room Door The Maria Mission The Heist Spider-Man

The MMoCA security room is located near the entrance of the MMoCA.

To search for the guards, make your way to the security room just 41 meters from the statue you start on. When you try to enter the door, you will find out it is locked. You need to find hand prints to unlock the door. This can be done by scanning the environment. You need to collect a total of three prints. The three prints can be found:

Once you have all three prints, return to the Security room and interact with the hand scanner to start Rewire Scanner minigame. The solution to this game is pictured below.

MMoCA Security Room Door Puzzle Solution

Here is the solution for the MMoCA Security Room puzzle.

After you solve the minigame puzzle, the door to the security room will open. This will trigger the “Check the security footage” objective.

Objective: Check the Security Footage

With the door to the security room now open, make your way inside to find a couple of guards unconscious. Once you talk about the guards being alive, you will need to check the security feed. This can be done by interacting with the computers on the left side of the room. When you do this, you will trigger a cutscene. The camera feed has been cut, and viewing it shows a painting. This triggers the “Investigate the painting” objective.

Objective: Investigate the Painting

The painting we need to investigate is located in the middle of floor 1 of the MMoCA (flanked by two trees). Go up to the painting and interact with the Audio Guide to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, you will need to fight a number of Hammerhead Thugs. Midway through the fight the enemies will start grabbing art and running. You need to stop them. Your best approach is to wait by the exit and take them out as they come down the stairs.

Black Cat Spider-Man PS4


Once all enemies are defeated, return to The Maria to trigger a cutscene with Black Cat. When the cutscene ends, a whole slew of Hammerhead Thugs run in. Take them out. Doing this will trigger another cutscene and the end of The Maria mission. For completing this mission you unlock the Resilient Suit and the Trophy The Cat Came Back.

Need more help with The Heist DLC? Check out our guide here. We also have a number of other guides for base Spider-Man which you can find here. Happy Swinging!

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