Spider-Man The Trouble with Arson Mission Guide

After spending an interesting evening at the MMoCA, Spider-Man will return to the overworld of New York City with the intent to learn more about the mafia that is trying to take over. This transition will start the second mission of The Heist DLC called The Trouble with Arson. To help you complete this story mission, use The Trouble with Arson mission guide below.

Starting The Trouble with Arson Mission

The Trouble with Arson Mission Guide

The Trouble with Arson mission is started in Midtown.

When you return to the roof of the MMoCA, you will briefly talk with MJ for a bit of story information. Once this conversation is ended, you will hear on the police scanner about reports of a car explosion. This triggers the start of The Trouble with Arson mission. Here is what the Mission Overview has to say:

Reports of a car explosion… Sound like Maggia work. Need to see if I can help.

To start this mission, make your way to Midtown. Head to the spot marked on the map above to trigger a cutscene with some firefighters. This triggers the objective “Deploy Spider-Bot.”

Objective: Deploy Spider-Bot

The Trouble with Arson

You will need to deploy your Spider-Bot to complete this mission.

To deploy your Spider-Bot, press the Triangle button. Once Spider-Bot is deployed you will be prompted to defuse bombs under cars before the timer runs out. You have a total of 2 minutes to disarm four bombs. Bombs can be found by following the beeping sound and feeling controller vibrations. The louder the beeps and the stronger the vibration, the closer the bomb is to you. The bomb locations are:

  1. Underneath parked four door black sedan near start of mission.
  2. Inside box of mail truck.
  3. Underneath parked four door white sedan.
  4. Underneath Dumpster.

Once all four bombs have been defused, the mission will end. The Maggia Crimes are a new form of open world crime activity you can complete in The Heist. You need to complete The Trouble with Arson mission to move the main story along. For completing The Trouble with Arson Mission you earn XP and Crime Tokens.

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