Spider-Man The Long Lost Loot Guide

The Long Lost Loot Guide (2)
You will find the painting on a balcony inside this power box. Destroy it to collect the painting.

After completing the first Maggia Crime in New York City, Detective Mackey will contact you asking for help. This phone call will trigger the third mission in The Heist DLC called Long Lost Loot. To help you complete this mission, check out our Long Lost Loot guide below.

How to Start Long Lost Loot

The Long Lost Loot Guide

The start of The Long Lost Loot mission is on top of the Greenwich Police Station.

Long Lost Loot is the third store mission you will need to complete during you playthrough of Spider-Man. Like The Trouble with Arson mission, this mission serves as a way to introduce you to the lost Walter Hardy painting collectibles. Here’s what the Mission Overview has to say:

Sounds like this Detective Mackey needs my help…

To start this mission, make your way to the Greenwich police station to speak with Mackey in person. Mackey wants you to collect lost art from the old Black Cat. This will trigger the objective “Get the Chrysler building loot.”

Objective: Get the Chrysler Building Loot

To complete this objective, make your way to Chrysler building which is located in Midtown. At the Chrysler building, follow the compass onto the balcony shown in the picture above. Destroy the large power box to collect the stolen painting called “Freedom.” Once you’ve collected the painting the mission will end. You will earn some XP for completing this mission as well as moving the main story along.

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