Spider-Man Like Old Times Guide

Once you’ve completed the first few missions of The Heist, MJ will contact you about a shooting in the Financial District. This starts the mission called Like Old Times. Unlike the last few missions you’ve completed, this one is attached to the main story of The Heist. To complete this mission, check out our Like Old Times guide below.

How to Start the Like Old Times Mission

Like Old Times Guide

To start the Like Old Times mission, make your way to the Financial District.

After you’ve done the first three missions in The Heist, MJ will call to tell you about a shooting in the Financial District. Being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man you are, you offer to go check it out. For more information on what’s in store for you, check out the Mission Overview:

Felicia told me she was out of the game… was she lying, or did something drag her back in?

To get started with this mission, head to the Financial District. You will want to reach the spot located on in the screenshot above. When you reach this location a cutscene will trigger. There are a bunch of cops and Hammerhead Thugs fighting. Your objective is to “Assist the Police.”

Objective: Assist the Police

Like Old Times Guide

You need to defeat a number of enemies during the fight in the Courtyard.

In the courtyard you will find a number of Hammerhead Thugs with guns shooting at a couple of police officers. Take out all the enemies to trigger another cutscene showing a delivery truck pulling into the courtyard. Inside the delivery truck is a large enemy with a gatling gun. You need to take him out. If you have your suit power saved, I highly recommend using it now. Otherwise, treat the fight like you would any other brute. Once you’ve defeated the brute another cutscene will trigger and you will get a new objective to “Get to the target location.”

Objective: Get to the Target Location

The target location we need to reach is located in a Bodega in Greenwich about 282 meters from the courtyard we just fought in. Make your way to this location to and then scan the environment to highlight what appears to be claw marks going up the front of the Bodega. Follow the marks up to the top of the roof to find the Black Cat’s stakeout gear. Interact with the Stakeout gear to trigger a Black Cat minigame. All you need to do here is find the Black Cat statue that is located in the building directly across from you (look in the door on the roof).

Finding the statue triggers a cutscene of you going over to the building to meet Felicia. Once the cutscene is over, you will get attacked by a number of enemies. Clear out the enemies and then look for Felicia. Head to the greenhouse on the building to the north. This will trigger another cutscene with the Black Cat. Once the cutscene is over the mission comes to a close. For completing the mission you earn XP and unlock a new story mission.

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