Spider-Man Something is Screwy Guide

Something is Screwy Guide
After the inmates are defeated, complete the EMP challenge from Screwball.

After bumping into the Black Cat yet again, Spider-Man will be tossed back into the world to complete another world task. The task Spider-Man needs to complete is a Screwball game show. This task must be completed in the story mission Something is Screwy. To show you how to complete this mission, check out this Something is Screwy guide.

How to Start Something is Screwy Mission

Something is Screwy mission start

You can start the Something is Screwy mission in Midtown.

When you’ve completed the story mission Like Old Times, you will be thrown back into free roam New York City. At this point in time you will be told that Screwball is back in action and needs to be shutdown. Here’s what the Mission Overview has to say:

Looks like Screwball’s starting another dangerous game show. Need to shut this down before it gets out of hand.

To start the Something is Screwy mission, make your way to the district of Midtown. Once you reach the map marker you will need to go to the roof of the building. On the roof there are a number of escaped RAFT inmates you need to take out.

Objective: Stop the escaped RAFT inmates

The objective here is to take out all of the RAFT inmates on the roof. There are a total of 10 enemies on the roof. How you go about defeating them is up to you. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies you need to turn on the project on the table. Doing this plays a short movie featuring Screwball.Once the movie is complete Screwball Challenges will be added to your city map.

Note: Complete the EMP Screwball Challenge to further the story.

Screwball Challenges

Something is Screwy Guide

Screwball Challenges are now available in different districts.

Screwball Challenges are different challenges you can complete for different scores. There are a total of 5 challenges throughout New York City which each one being focused on different gameplay mechanics. If you manage to get Spectacular or better on all Screwball Challenges, you unlock the trophy Screwy.

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