Spider-Man Pursuing the Truth Guide

Pursuing the Truth Guide

After you track Black Cat in the Trail of the Cat mission you will return to the open world of New York to do a bit of free roaming. Once you’ve waited a few minutes, MJ will call you and tell you about a new tip she has regarding the Maggia. This will trigger the next story mission. To help you complete this story mission, use our Pursuing the Truth guide below.

How to Start the Pursuing the Truth Mission

Pursuing the Truth Guide

To start this mission, make your way to the Upper East Side district.

Once MJ has called and spoken to you, a marker will appear on your map for the Pursuing the Truth mission. This mission start is located in the Upper East Side. Head to the map marker and your way onto the roof. Once on the roof a cutscene will trigger. During the cutscene you will come face to face with Black Cat. Black Cat will stun you then run away. This triggers the “Capture the Black Cat” objective.

Objective: Capture the Black Cat

Pursuing the Truth Guide

The first chase has you chasing down Black Cat without any web swinging powers.

Since you are stunned at the beginning of the mission, you are unable to use any of your web abilities. This means you will need to go back to your roots of parkour. For this portion of the mission you must follow Black Cat by parkouring over the various obstacles along the way. If you get to far from Black Cat the mission fails. When you get to the end of the chase, press triangle to try and capture the Black Cat. This prompts another cutscene.

Objective: Don’t Let the Black Cat get Away

Pursuing the Truth Guide

The second chase has you swinging through the subway tunnels.

After the cutscene ends you will have your web swinging powers back. This is good as you will need to use them to follow the train that Black Cat is riding. This portion is largely about swinging along subway tunnels while avoiding being electrocuted. If you can do this, you will make it to another cutscene which sees Black Cat and Spider-Man return to the rooftops of New York City.

Objective: Catch up to the Black Cat

Pursuing the Truth Guide

During the final chase you need to get close enough to Black Cat to take her down.

When you make it to the rooftops you will need to chase the Black Cat one final time. This chase takes place along the rooftops of New York City and you will need to web her with your R1 when you’re close and then press triangle. Once you’ve ended the chase you will complete the mission. Beating the Pursuing the Truth mission unlocks the Here Kitty-Kitty achievement.

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