Spider-Man Trail of the Cat Guide

After spending some time completing a Screwball Challenge, MJ will contact you telling you she has some more information about the Black Cat. This information takes you to Greenwich and the start of the Trail of the Cat mission. For help completing this mission, check out our Trail of the Cat guide below.

How to Start the Trail of the Cat Mission

To start the Trail of the Cat mission, make your way to the district of Greenwich. Once you are in Greenwich go to the building southeast of the Sanctum Sanctorum and get on its roof. From here you will trigger a cutscene and get your first mission objective which is to “Investigate what happened” on the street below.

Objective: Investigate what happened

Trail of the Cat Guide

Speak with the EMT directly in front of you when the mission starts.

Drop down to the street below and speak with the EMT standing beside the injured security guard on the gurney. The EMT tells you that someone stole a Rare Book and that the security guard will be okay. With that information you gain a new objective to “Find a way to track the Black Cat.”

Objective: Find a way to track the Black Cat

Head down the alley directly behind the emt and take your first left. Scan the environment to find some Magnesium Flare fragments. This triggers a brief minigame (see solution above). Once you’ve completed the minigame a trail will appear. Follow the trail!

Trail of the Cat Guide

For the rest of the mission follow this trail.

The trail will take you over a number of rooftops until you reach an alley. In the alley there is a injured mafia member. When you approach him a bunch of thugs will appear and attack you. Take them all out and then follow the trail that appear. The trail will lead you to a skylight. This triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene take out the mafia thugs to finish the mission. For completing the Trail of the Cat you earn some XP.

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