How to Access The Heist DLC in Spider-Man

How to access The Heist DLC in Spider-Man
On the DLC screen in game, you will be able to access the download for The Heist.

As of writing this, the first piece of story DLC content is now available for the PS4’s Spider-Man. This newest content pack is dubbed The Heist and it is the first Episode in Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps expansion. So how do you go about accessing the new storyline DLC? Let me show you. Below you will learn how to access The Heist DLC in Spider-Man.

Buy The Heist DLC

Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps

The DLC Pack for Spider-Man is called The City That Never Sleeps.

Spider-Man on the PS4 features a three episode DLC pack called The City that Never Sleeps. Unfortunately for us, the Spider-Man DLC isn’t free, so you will need to purchase it from a retailer. I purchased the Deluxe Edition off of the PlayStation Store (which comes with the Season Pass), but you can opt to buy episodes individually ($9.99 USD) or the Season Pass ($24.99 USD). Once you have the DLC purchased, it’s on to step 2.

 Make Sure your Game is Updated to 1.07/1.08

Check for update on PS4

On the homescreen of your PS4, highlight Spider-Man and press the Options button on your control. From here you can check for a game update.

If you’ve left your Spider-Man unupdated you are going to need to rectify that. The patch associated with the new The Heist DLC is 1.07/1.08, so you will need to make sure your game is running on this update. If your game isn’t, you can force an update check on the PS4 home screen by highlighting Spider-Man and pressing the Options button on your control. This will open up a menu on the right hand side with a Check for Update option. Once the game is up-to-date, start it.

Note: If you purchased a physical 12 digit code for the DLC, check out this post on how to redeem the code on your PS4.

Step 3: Navigate to the DLC Tab in Game

With Spider-Man running, open the game menu and navigate to the DLC tab. On the DLC screen you will see The Heist is now Available. Select The Heist to be taken to the PlayStation Store. From here you can download your DLC. The Heist Download comes in at 2.2 GB. Once it is downloaded you will be able to access the DLC content in game (I’ll show you how below).

Step 4: How to Start The Heist Content in Game

where to start The Heist DLC in Spider-Man

Once you have The Heist DLC installed, you need to switch to it from the DLC menu.

Now that we have The Heist downloaded, it is time to actually dive into the new Spider-Man content. Thankfully for us, this part of the process is fairly straightforward. Once you have The Heist DLC installed, make your way back to the DLC tab and select The Heist. This will prompt you to switch campaigns. Select continue to start The Heist. That’s all there is to it! Enjoy and tell me what you think of the DLC below.

Did we do a good job telling you how to access The Heist DLC in Spider-Man? Let us know in The Pit below.


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14 responses

  1. Firestorm341 says:

    Restart your PS4. Mine showed up when I did.

  2. Nurnabil says:

    I pay for everything yet can be download

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi I have disc spiderman 4. I am in the middle of the game about 61 % i bouhght 3pack of DLC. Its purchased, installed, available but when I click at the other campaign it sneds me back to psStore. Any help?

  4. Hugo Solorzano says:

    Can i still play “The Heist” even though i dont have “The City That Never Sleeps” dlc? Or do i have to buy TCTNS dlc first then buy The Heist to play?

  5. Richard says:

    This advice worked well thanks.

    In order to Access the content I had to leave game and on PlayStation home press options (for game) then close application.

    One restarted the content was accessable.

  6. Jd says:

    I have downloaded the episodes shows available but when I click on them takes me right back to where I left off in the game. Does not start the heist nor turf wars

  7. Kyle says:

    I do not have a dlc tab at all and can not figure out how to get it or what to do.

  8. Austin says:

    Just says content cannot be selected at this time

    • SPIDEY says:

      Same bro it always says that to me!
      IT SAYS “THE CONTENT CANNOT BE SELECTED AT THIS TIME” i don’t understand why doesn’t it allow me to download the DLC as my MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN is already updated to version 1.08!

  9. Ruzaini Rafee says:

    Hi i bought the Spider-Man Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store and it says it will come with the 3 up coming DLCs. But when i try playing the DLC it sends me to the Playstation Store asking me to buy the The Heist DLC. I am confused and i dont know what to do. Please advise me.

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