How to Redeem Codes on PS4

There are now a ton of options to purchase games and DLCs on PS4 that it can often be confusing how to go about actually getting your items. To help get you moving in the right direction for inputting your codes (and getting your stuff), here’s how to redeem codes on PS4.

Step 1: Access the PlayStation Store

Open the PlayStation Store on your PS4

The first step in inputting your codes is to make your way to the PlayStation Store.

With code in hand, fire up your PlayStation 4 and access the PlayStation Store. The store is located to the far left and can be recognized by its shopping bag icon and Store title. Access the PlayStation Store and head onto the next step of this guide.

Step 2: Access the Redeem Code Menu

On the PlayStation Store, scroll down the left hand menu until reach the bottom. Near the bottom you will see a Redeem Code option. Activate the Redeem Code option to open the Redeem Code Menu. Opening this menu will allow you to input the following types of codes using the on screen keyboard:

  • 12 Digit Codes (Games & Add-ons, Subscriptions, Wallet Funds).

Once you’ve entered your code, select Continue. After you’ve selected Continue, you will be taken to a screen showing you the games, DLC, Subscription, or Wallet Funds you’ve unlocked using your code. You will need to confirm the item you’ve entered. After this is done the item will be added to your account.

In Action: Sony Redeeming Codes Video

If you need further help, take a look at the video above. This is the official Redeeming Codes guide from PlayStation itself. In the video you will see exactly where to go to input your codes, as well as where to input 10 digit codes. It is definitely worth the watch if you have further questions not answered in the text walkthrough above.

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