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Page 4 of this Astera Hub guide will look at a number of different things including NPCs and Miscellaneous things. To start let’s look at the various NPCs in Astera.


Floor  1 (Tradeyard):

  • Smart Biologist (Ecological Research) – Shares tidbits about research and Capturing monsters.
  • Chief Ecologist (Ecological Research) – Runs Ecological Research, talk to him to access Research Levels and Monster Field Guide.
  • Research Hunter (Ecological Research) – Tips on hunting
  • Impatient Biologist (Ecological Research) – Tips on hunting
  • Laid-back Botanist (Botanical Gardens) – Talks about trees
  • Provision Stockpile (Provision Stockpile) – Runs the Provision Stockpile
  • Managers (Resource Center) – Talk about establishing a new camp, and the destroyed map.
  • Various Market NPCs (Market) – None say anything of much note
  • Captain (Council) – Talks about sailing.
  • The Huntsman (Council) – Talks about your next hunt.
  • Commander (Council) – Plot points and missions.
  • Housekeeper (Your Room) – Talk to to access Training and any add ons and bonuses.

Floor 2 (Workshop):

  • Second Fleet Master (Smithy) – Runs the Smithy.
  • Armory (Armory) – Runs the Armory.
  • Airship Engineer (Outside Workshop) – Wants to build a ship to save the stranded Third Fleet.
  • Housekeeper (Private Quarters) – Blocks access to Private Quarters.

Floor 3 (Canteen):

  • Fiver Bro (Canteen)
  • The Handler (Canteen)
  • Oven Felyne (Canteen)
  • Meowscular Chef (Canteen) – Runs the Canteen. Take to it to purchase meals.
  • Soup Felyne (Canteen) – Almost falls into the soup while stirring.

Floor 4 (Gathering Hub):

  • Squad Manager – Talk to to create Squad/Join Squad Etc.
  • Hub Lass – Runs the Quest Counter.
  • Arena Lass – Runs the Arena Counter.
  • Hub Provisions – Runs the Hub Provisions.

Important Note: Many NPCs will give you various optional quests (look for the ! above them), which are actually very beneficial. You will want to complete these as they come up in order to earn better gear, food, items, and so on.

 Miscellaneous Places:

Below you will find a number of miscellaneous places. These places can be found on multiple floors and typically provide the same service on each floor. See the maps attached for exact locations.

Item Box(es)

There are Item Boxes located in Your Room, near the West gate, beside the North gate, and in front of the Armory/Smithy. The Item Box allows you to do a number of actions:

  • Manage Items
  • Crafting List
  • Sell Items
  • Change Equipment
  • Sell Equipment
  • Change Appearance


Astera Walkthrough Monster Hunter World

The three Gates you will find in Astera.

Gates allow you to Depart on Expedition. There are a total of 4 gates in Astera: one to the West, one to the North, and one to the Southeast, and one in the Gathering Hub.

Quest Boards

Astera things to know

Quest boards allow you to view and take on various available quests. There are many spread out through Astera for easy access. I’ve highlighted their locations on your map.


Lifts allow you to access the upper floors of Astera without using the stairs. The lifts are pretty fast for accessing Floors 3 & 4 (from Floor 1), but do not seem useful for Floor 2 access (From Floor 1). In total there are five potential lift stops:

  • 1F – Tradeyard
  • 2F – Workshop
  • 2F – Waterfall Bridge
  • 3F – Canteen
  • 4F – Gathering Hub


If you feel like getting away from the monster killing for a while, there’s an Overlook you can access (take the stairs up inside the Workshop), which will allow you to look out on the landscape. It’s a hard life being a hunter.

Caught Animals


When you catch an animal, it is brought back to Astera. You can see it on Floor 1 at the area pictured above. When brought back, the researchers study the creature.



Astera Guide - Monster Hunter: World

The first time I pet my Poogie it attacked me. Screw you.

Your Poogie can be found on Floor 1 beside the Provisions Stockpile. Here you can interact with it. I tried interacting with mine, but it’s a dick.


If you hang around Astera long enough, you will notice it has its own Day/Night cycle. This can lead to some pretty crazy views.  I thought it was kind of interesting.

Login Bonus

When you login to Monster Hunter world on a new day, you will be eligible to receive a Login Bonus. These bonuses usually include a Lucky Voucher as well as some type of item. There will be text on the screen along with a button prompt when your Login Bonus is available.


This concludes my guide to Astera… For now. I will be updating things as I go. Think of it as V1.0. As more stuff about the hub world is learned, I will add to this guide.

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If you have anything to add to this Astera guide, hit me up in The Pit below.


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